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November 1, 2003

Vijay Singh


Q. Was that the goal starting out?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes, I just wanted to have a chance tomorrow. I didn't know how I was going to play. The weather was pretty tough out there. I just played very solid today. I played the best round I played this week, and I had a lot of chances. I played well.

Q. Were there birdie holes coming in where you were two or three down yesterday, you can try to go at it or kind of play to the middle of the green and hope you make a putt?

VIJAY SINGH: It depends how you are playing really. I had a chance on 16, 17 and 18. I birdied 16. I had a chance on 17 and 18 and I didn't convert. So if you hit good shots you got a chance. I was playing, I was trying to get as close to Retief as possible. I was more aggressive than I probably would have been. It really depends. You always come close coming in.

Q. What do you think about the course; is it a good test?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes, a very good test. You see the scores. Cuts are 3-over. I think it's one of the higher cuts. It's a good test of golf. You can't go out and score well if you're not playing well. You got to play half decent to have a good score.

Q. It's a completely different type golf course than last week, if you are playing well, it's the same speed.

VIJAY SINGH: Well, par means something this week. If you go out there and you make a par, you don't lose ground as much as last week. Last week you make par, you make two pars in a row, you feel like you lost ground already. Here you wait for your chances. You got to play smart over here. If you play too aggressive can you get yourself in trouble.

Q. Is it difficult to switch gears like that from week to week?

VIJAY SINGH: Not really; it's a new tournament. You just go out there and play the way can you or the best can you.

Q. Do you have a preference? Do you like the shot-maker courses, the birdie blowouts? It might be single digits winning this thing by the time it's done.

VIJAY SINGH: If you play well, it doesn't matter what you play. If you are playing a golf course where you need a lot of birdies you need to putt well. This week, if your putting is not so good, as long as you keep the ball in play you got a chance to make your putts then.

Q. Was No. 11 where you felt you got rolling, hitting it out of the pine straw then hitting it out of the bunkers?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes, I think it was probably the first hole. I intended to play well today and tried to get as close to Retief as possible. He is playing very well as well. I know I played with him last week and he was hitting the ball pretty good.

Q. Did you have it across your mind, "Okay, Tiger, I can put you away right here"?

VIJAY SINGH: If I do, I do; if I don't, I don't. I still got a chance next week. He still has to beat me next week to pass me.

Q. Is this as well as you have played for a stretch in quite some time?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes, I think so. I played well like this, but I probably haven't scored as well as this. I had stretches where I hit the ball really good but I don't score. I think everything is clicking really good right now, the putts are going in.

Q. How much better is your short game, in particular your putting than say three of four years ago?

VIJAY SINGH: I always had a pretty good short game. People never saw it. If you keep chipping five, six feet and you don't make the putts, your short game doesn't mean anything. But now my putts go going in, so I'm getting up and down so that makes a big difference right there.

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