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September 1, 1994

Anna Smashnova


Q. You said you may have to go to the Army. I spoke with the player from Israel some years ago in Portugal. He was playing a satellite. He said that if the results were not so good he would have to go back because he was in the Army by then. Do you think that kind of pressure will happen to you if you have good results you will play otherwise. . .

ANNA SMASHNOVA: I don't think so. I think I am No. 1 in Israel, so I think they will let me -- even if you are not if you are top five, top 10 in Israel you can still be able to play tennis as much as you need, travel as much as you need. I don't think it will be any problem. They are flexible.

Q. During the second set you win very easily and 2-0 up and suddenly you let her back in the game?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: She started playing well, like better than she was playing the first set. I lost my concentration a little bit, like I served 6-2, 2-Love, so I can relax a little bit, so...

Q. How is the women's tennis progressing in your country? How much headway is it making?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: I don't understand the question. Sorry.

Q. Any Israelly good tennis players, women?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: There is a very good program for young kids. There is academy where they have got a few coaches and training together. They live in Wingate, so there are quite a few goods young kids, 14, 16.

Q. He asked about the girls.

ANNA SMASHNOVA: It is girls, yes, few good young girls, yeah.

Q. It's your first time in the second round. All the media, the American media were interviewing you and there were stories about you in the papers. Do you feel any pressure?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: No. Not really. I am used to it. It has happened to me quite a few times already so I am just trying to take it the way it is. I can't change it. That is the way it is.

Q. Do your expectations change as you win round to round?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: I am just trying to take one match at a time and try to win every match I go on the court.

Q. People talk to you about your name how it ties into tennis somewhat, you try to maybe play into your name?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: People talk about my name, but that is my name. It means absolutely nothing in Russian - Smashnova - but it does mean something in English. It just happens to be like this.

Q. What does it mean in Russian?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: Absolutely nothing. It is just...

Q. Do you find that the end of your match that your opponent was not hitting as hard as she did in the second set?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: I think it was end of the match; we both were a little bit tired, so there was more mental game, who was stronger was going to win, so...

Q. Was it harder for you to pass her? Your passing shots weren't as good as the McNeil game.

ANNA SMASHNOVA: I wasn't playing like my best game today. And obviously she is not a bad volleyer, I think she is quite good at the net. Maybe I was better passing day before yesterday better than today, but it is just different day.

Q. We are approaching a Jewish holiday. How do you handle that and play tennis?

ANNA SMASHNOVA: Well, if I am still in the tournament I will have to play.

Q. It is not a conflict for you?


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