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January 19, 2018

James Hahn

La Quinta, California

Q. You played well today, what was working well for you out there.
JAMES HAHN: The first couple holes basically I was just a little out of it, bogeyed the first hole and took me awhile to kind of settle down. There's a lot of movement the out there, especially with the amateurs and amateur caddies, amateur partners also seem to have brought their fans and so some of these guys it might be there first time on the golf course, so once I got over that hurdle and just kind of accepted that it was going to be a long day, there was going to be a lot of chatter, there was going to be a lot of distractions, and just kind of zone in and do what I do best and that's get the ball in the hole, that then things started to work. Made a great chip-in from the bunker on 17, which is my 8th hole. Got up-and-down from about 115 yards for par on 9 and from there it was smooth sailing. Everything else was -- started to get my swing back, hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens, made some really good putts for birdie and the rest was kind of history. It's one of those golf courses where obviously yesterday Jon Rahm was making I think it was eight birdies and an eagle, that there are a lot of opportunities out there and for me not to be so frustrated after bogeying the first hole I think definitely helped calm the nerves.

Q. So Nick Watney was just talking kind of like that how if he made four pars in a row he felt like he was losing ground just because of the scores yesterday, do you feel that way, if you had a stretch like that?
JAMES HAHN: No, absolutely not. I mean that's the, one of the issue that is we deal with, with a tournament like this, is that you start looking at the leaderboard and you feel like pars are bad. But this is a great golf course, it's short, it's gettable, par-5s are reachable, but you still have to hit fairways, you still have to hit greens and make putts, so never in my round did I ever feel like par I was giving strokes back. I think I only made the turn at 1- or 2-under, never felt like that was a terrible score, I just thought anything under par would be good and there were back-to-back par-5s coming in on my back nine, which is their front nine and I knew that if I had birdied those two par-5s then all of a sudden 2-under becomes 4-under and birdie one more coming in turns 5 and I made a long putt for 6-under. So it's just one of those things where the greens are so good you can make birdie on every hole coming in, but not to be discouraged when you make par.

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