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January 19, 2018

Jason Kokrak

La Quinta, California

Q. What's working well in your game?
JASON KOKRAK: I worked with my coach and was struggling in a practice round on Wednesday. My legs get a little bit too jumpy and move around a lot. So we worked on that and I started hitting the ball pretty good and I'm just trusting it out there. I've given my self a lot of close opportunities. I rolled the putter very well yesterday and today didn't make quite as many, but still gave myself a lot of chances.

Q. Talk about your shot on the second hole here?
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, we had a great number there. Just hit kind of a half wedge there, I think it was 132, and I knew I had a little bit of a back stop, a touch into the breeze and a new wedge, spun it back and just about a ball out on the right-hand side and rolled it in.

Q. Half wedge from 132, you realize that's ridiculous, right? The par-5s, you're obviously one of the longer hitters out here. How important is it to hit these high, flighted irons like you did here?
JASON KOKRAK: I had a good number, I knew I couldn't probably hit it over the green -- I knew I couldn't fly it over the green -- but I've hit the ball higher and higher since I switched to Titleist and it's just helped out a lot into the par-5s, because I can land a 4-iron pretty soft into some of these firmer greens.

Q. You didn't play until last week, how did you spend that time?
JASON KOKRAK: Spent time with my wife and kid, my kid just turned one years old, so a lot of fun watching him grow up. Spent a little bit of time packing, my wife are in the process of moving. So spent most of the time packing and looking at homes.

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