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January 19, 2018

Jason Kokrak

La Quinta, California

Q. You follow-up a 63 with a 68, you had a couple of blemishes at the turn, but what were you able to do to capitalize off of these conditions?
JASON KOKRAK: I think I shot 67, but I really struck the ball well. I didn't drive it as well today, but my iron shots were, I gave myself a ton of opportunities missed a couple, a couple bad strokes, a couple bad reads, but overall I'm happy with today. I'll continue doing the same thing. If I give myself a lot of looks, I'm going to make a couple.

Q. Yesterday you mentioned the fact that you're making adjustments off the course, having a son who just turned a year old, a couple weeks ago, what did you have to do to adjust on the course?
JASON KOKRAK: Just time management. Being able to practice. I mean it's a major life change, so everything changed in my wife and I's world and now we have got a pretty good program going and he's sleeping now, so we're happy, we're moving back home to be with the family and we're, we couldn't be more excited.

Q. How about playing the course tomorrow, the hardest on rotation, how do you attack that?
JASON KOKRAK: I think it's the same game plan. Each of these golf courses, if you get out of position, can be hard. I think you go into it the same mentality, try to hit fairways, try to hit greens, don't short side yourself. The greens are starting to firm up a little bit. But it is the hardest of the three, but there are low numbers on that golf course.

Q. I was really impressed that you could turn 4-under then stub your toe a little bit with bogeys at 10 and 11 and bring it back after that.
JASON KOKRAK: Well I think our score keeper had 11 wrong, I made par on that hole. I short sided myself on number 10, put a good roll on it and just kind of barely caught the right lip. But I struck the ball very well, that was the only kind of blemish.

Q. Two really solid rounds, it's hard to back that up here in the desert.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, it is. I grew up on a golf course like La Quinta, so I felt very comfortable out there. The Nicklaus is another golf course that you can definitely get after, but the greens are starting to firm up and didn't make quite as many putts today, but hit a lot of great iron shots and if I can continue to do so, we'll have a good weekend.

Q. We don't know what the forecast will actually materialize, but we're expecting some wind as you head into the Stadium golf course, which is a different animal than what you played so far?
JASON KOKRAK: No question, I think it's definitely the hardest of the three, visually off the tee and the second shots, I mean I think if I continue to hit the irons well, the fairways are ample out there, if I can hit a few, drive it well tomorrow and give myself some opportunities we'll be in the hunt.

Q. You put two good ones together, make it four.
JASON KOKRAK: Absolutely. That's the hardest part.

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