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January 19, 2018

Jon Rahm

La Quinta, California

Q. Impressive first round, a memorable one, you backed that up with a 67. It was up-and-down to start but how did you settle down after the turn?
JON RAHM: I don't know if I really settled down. Off the tee I wasn't as strong as I was yesterday, even though I was hitting really good shots into the green. The middle stretch there in my round from like my 8th hole on I just wasn't hitting it as close as I could. It wasn't as pure as yesterday. They were good shots, but just off. Same with the putts. It was very close, very close. And I think everything clicked on number, I think it was my 15th hole, No. 6. I hit a great drive and I started hitting really pure shots. I had close birdie putts over the last four holes and made two of them, so I think that kind of clicked. But I just was hanging in there because I knew I was going to have a bad stretch of holes at some point and it's always great if those bad ones are birdie putts.

Q. You're familiar with these courses, you move to the hardest course in this rotation, what do you know about it and what's your plan of attack?
JON RAHM: Well, it's a Pete Dye design, Karsten, where I played four years of my life, it's a Pete Dye design. Very, very similar type of golf. You need to hit it a lot more accurate off the tee because being in the fairway is a lot more important. With the small greens, you have water in play, you need to be more precise, clearly the hardest golf course. If you can have 5- or 6-under there you're going to pick up a lot of shots. So hopefully have an organized round like I did yesterday, not have to fight too much to shoot under par.

Q. Fair to say today was okay, little frustrating on the greens. You only missed one green out there today, but it's always tough to come back after shooting a low number. How were you feeling out there?
JON RAHM: It's tough to come back because I feel like I expected myself to go to the range and keep just flushing everything like I did yesterday. Everything was just a little bit off. It was just one of those days. I actually had a much better start than I ever expected, I was hitting good shots, made a couple of good putts, but then again a couple of those bad swings cost me, right. But besides that I think the rest of the round reflected what it was. I had a couple of bad moments, not bad ones, sorry, a couple of kind of what you call boring golf, I wasn't hitting perfect shots, it was 20, 30 feet from the pin all the time. But then luckily the driver on 6 was the key. I flushed it, hit a great drive, I knew what I was doing wrong and it was followed by four perfect holes where I could have had almost four birdies, but I had two of them, so it was a great finish.

Q. The putting, was it the pace, the read, what was going on there?
JON RAHM: It's golf. It happens. Any time you are hitting putts and it doesn't go in and it just brushes the hole it means you're hitting good putts. It could have been a little bit both speed and line, but in my case I found myself trying to control a little too much and trying to be too perfectionist, too much of a perfectionist and once I freed myself a little bit I started hitting better putts.

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