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January 18, 2018

Jason Kokrak

La Quinta, California

Q. Impressive opening round with a 63. You played this course plenty of times, but how were you able to put it together today?
JASON KOKRAK: I kind of struggled in my practice round yesterday, which is kind of funny, and my coach and I worked a little bit on the range and I went with Trackman back to the PGA West and did a little bit of work and it felt pretty good. So hit the ball really straight, not as far as I normally hit it, but I kept it in play and I putted well today.

Q. Walk us through the eagle at the par-5 6th hole.
JASON KOKRAK: The eagle was pretty standard, I drove it right down the middle of the fairway, hit 5-iron to about 12, 15 feet, and made a nice read and poured it right in the middle.

Q. Talk about your season. In the fall you had a pretty favorable start to the season, what's carried over into California right now?
JASON KOKRAK: I just think that with the birth of my son the beginning of last year I got my ducks in a row and I'm moving back closer to family, moving back to Cleveland, so I've got everything I need at home, everything's in place, and kind of frees me up on the golf course.

Q. Take us inside around when you're playing with an amateur in the group, it's not normal to have to play with four guys in an opening round. What did you have to do out there today?
JASON KOKRAK: I think you just got to keep -- pace of play is going to be a little slower -- take your time. People are going to be moving around and stuff and you try to just have a little bit of fun with it. Two nice guys, they paid good money to be out here and you're trying to make their day and play a little bit of good golf on the side yourself.

Q. Hard not to have fun with a 63.
JASON KOKRAK: It makes it a lot better.

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