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November 6, 2003

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: I had 38 putts. If you have 38 putts, actual putts, and then 36 on-the-green putts. I missed two greens. The greens are very difficult. You could very easily -- and I let the putts get away from me. In the early round, the first, the second hole, the fourth hole. And I got very tentative after that. Because it was hard to get it close. You get it on the green, you can hit 18 greens and still have not a birdie chance, you know? And I had two chances coming in but didn't convert them. I didn't play badly. I didn't play great.

Q. You seemed to struggle with your distances today a little bit.

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, the approaches were always on line, but short. And I think that the weather change, the temperature got a little cooler. So that kind of affected the distance of the ball.

Q. Does it affect how you play the rest of the tournament?

VIJAY SINGH: No, I feel really good. I'm positive. I still think I'm going to do well in this tournament. If I get my putter working, I'm going to be all right.

Q. Can you talk about the atmosphere with the two top players in the world playing together today, the crowds around you?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, I didn't let that bother me. I told my caddy, I said, let's just play another round of golf. And don't get yourself involved in any of that. Stay away from him and just do your own thing. And that's what I did.

Last week if you make five, you feel like you make two fives in a row, you feel like you've lost ground already. But here you just wait for your chances. And you've got to play smart over here. If you play too aggressive you can get yourself in trouble.

Q. Is it difficult to switch gears like that week to week?

VIJAY SINGH: Not really. It's a new tournament. You just go there and play the way you can and play the best you can.

Q. Do you have a preference? Do you like the shot-maker's courses or the birdie blowouts? What was it? 23-under last week and it might be single digits winning this week by the time it's done?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, it really depends.

Q. Does it matter to you at this point?

VIJAY SINGH: Well, if you play well, it doesn't matter where you play. If you're playing a golf course where you need a lot of birdies, you need to putt well. This week, okay, if your putting is not so good, as long as you're driving the ball good and keeping the ball in play you got a chance to stay in it.

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