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January 14, 2018

James Hahn

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. You played so well today. At any point, was it exhaustion? You start to lose concentration. Or is it just -- I know you wanted to go left on 18 and it didn't. Was that a surprise to you, the last playoff hole?
JAMES HAHN: Yeah. I mean, I didn't make any good strokes coming down the stretch. I know you have to make a putt to win this thing. That's going to hurt a little bit. It was six feet. We just basically misread it. I knew it was going to go right, and we played it pretty straight, and it went right. Didn't make a good stroke.

Anyway, same as the last hole. Undecided on the par putt really, and any time you have indecision, you don't really put a good stroke on it. It's unfortunate how it turned out.

Q. You played wonderful. It was a great day, 62. You must take a lot of good things away from Hawaii right now for the rest of the season.
JAMES HAHN: Yeah. No, it's going to hurt. It's bittersweet. Any time you have a chance to have an opportunity to win, especially on the last hole, six feet. All you had to was put a good stroke on it, and unfortunately I didn't. That's going to hurt for a little bit. Granted, I made a lot of birdies today, but disappointed on how I finished.

Q. James with his daughter Kylie. That always makes the disappointment go away, I'm sure. I want to talk about your day before we get into the playoff. What attitude did you bring into this golf course trailing by seven to put yourself in a position too win?
JAMES HAHN: Just keep my head down and kept grinding. Made a lot of putts early on, kind of kept the momentum going. Five in a row definitely helped out a lot. Started feeling it coming down the stretch. Luckily birdied two coming in and didn't make any on the last three. That's kind of where it went wrong. But made a lot of birdies today. So I'm happy with how it finished.

Q. I know you're going to replay the playoff, the six holes in your head. As you look back on those holes, how would you describe your performance?
JAMES HAHN: Terrible. Had opportunities to win, didn't pull it off. For me, I'm a competitor. I'm a grinder. Love to compete. I hate losing. It's going to push me to be better. Definitely happy with how I played, especially with this little one in my arms, but the overall assessment, I need to get better.

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