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January 14, 2018

James Hahn

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. What a round by James Hahn, nine birdies, including five in a row, just one bogey. What did you have clicking out here on this golf course today, James?
JAMES HAHN: I was hitting good. Any time I'm hitting them good, I feel like I can go after flags and not worry about where they're going, where they're missing. Short game was on. Yesterday I missed only two greens. Today about the same. Hitting good, so no reason not to fire at every flag.

Q. So did you feel like this was building, this type of round?
JAMES HAHN: Not really. First of all, I was trying to get something started, birdied 8. 9 was -- I had an eagle opportunity, missed that one. 10 had a tap-in birdie. 11, made a five-footer. So I just hit them really close. You kind of start counting, that's two in a row, that's three in a row, that's four in a row, that's five in a row. Then I had to play the hardest hole on the course. Luckily parred that one. Birdied the next two, I think. I wanted to get one more on the last, but that's golf.

Q. You just signed your card. As of now, you're one back of the lead from Tom Hoge, who has never won on the PGA TOUR. How optimistic are you that you still have a shot?
JAMES HAHN: Optimistic, but I'm not holding my breath. These guys are good out here. Tom is obviously a great enough player to be on top of the leaderboard after three, and I think he's good enough to close out his round. The holes coming in aren't that tough. 16 is a birdie hole. 17 is a birdie hole. 18, eagle opportunity. So the fact that I played with Ben Martin, and he birdied 16, 17, and 18, and I come out there and shoot even par. So anything can happen. I'm not holding my breath.

Q. Regardless, great way to start 2018.

Q. James, great day, low round of the week, 62. Did you feel this coming? Could you sense something special happening today?
JAMES HAHN: I kind of did, but I didn't want to get ahead of myself. Warming up, I hit a lot of good shots. A lot of good shots yesterday. Was just getting better every day, which feels good. My drives are going where I'm looking. Birdied hole 2 again for 3 out of 4 rounds. Any time you can birdie one of the tougher holes starting off, it really builds a lot of momentum.

To finish the nine, birdie on 8, birdie on 9, then make the turn and birdie three more holes in a row. It's good to see the ball go in the hole.

Q. How good did it look coming down the stretch there? I got a feeling you thought you might have made the last three and unlucky to not get one of them. Did they look as good to you as they did to us?
JAMES HAHN: Yeah, hole 17, all I had to do was hit harder. I read it perfectly. That green is a newer green. For what it's worth, I think it's a little slower -- only because I left it a foot short. And then you play 18, and that's the fastest putt on the entire golf course. Front left pin, probably about 3 degrees of slope there. I barely tapped my ball from 15 feet, and it rolled by 3 1/2 feet. Not the kind of putt you want to close out your round.

But I'm happy that I gave it a run. Hit a lot of good shots coming in. Just unfortunate I didn't birdie one of the last.

Q. 17 under on the board in the clubhouse. What will you do? Stay loose or get on the heat for a bit?
JAMES HAHN: I'm going to watch a couple of the replays of the game. Looks like the crowd was out there watching a little more of the football than they were the golf. I want to see what happened in that Saints-Vikings game. Looked like a thriller down at the end. Just hang out with my family and enjoy the rest of the day in Hawaii.

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