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January 14, 2018

Blayne Barber

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. I know you've been out on the golf course, but updates on what you tweeted this morning.
BLAYNE BARBER: Yeah, I went by this morning, and he's responsive to the extent that he's in pain, and he said his last name, asked about his friends, asked the nurse to pray for him. Like he said some things, but when I was there this morning, he's essentially unconscious. The nurse opened his eyes for him and kind of pointed him towards us, and he didn't know we were there or whatever.

I'm not a doctor, but he's not regressing, which is good at the moment. Swelling is the issue, and they're concerned. So I'm going to go back by on my way to the airport tonight and then kind of flip-flop. His parents are flying in in like an hour or two.

Yeah, just keep praying for him. Keep -- hopefully, he's just -- they can't do anything about the swelling, she said. It kind of has to happen naturally. So he's there. He's just kind of in a lot of pain and dealing with that.

Q. Difficult to play golf with that weighing on you a little bit?
BLAYNE BARBER: Yeah, it's a blessing in disguise. I believe that all things work together for good, and like I was -- those last two days were really refreshing to play for me for the golf not to mean that much because it's always way too important and way too grueling. So to just go out there really free and not concerned with the result was a good change of mind, and I think this is kind of one of those key moments in my life that just is going to put things in perspective a little bit.

So I'm thankful for that in the midst of the difficulty of it. So, yeah, glad to be done.

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