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January 14, 2018

Justin Thomas

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. You'll leave with a top 25 finish, it looks like, not only this week but last week as well. How would you assess your competitive days here in Hawaii?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I played well this week. I'm pretty disappointed with where I'm going to end up finishing. I played way better than this. I should have not only, I feel like, won the golf tournament, but I should have had a chance coming down the back nine.

Hit some good putts again today on the front nine. I couldn't get the speed matched up. I had a problem with that all week. I don't know if that's just from being a little rusty or maybe not practicing it as much. But there's nothing to really be too upset about my game. For the first two events back and kind of where I felt coming here, I'm in a great spot for the rest of the year. I just need to tighten things up a little bit.

Q. It was interesting. Talking to your friend Jordan Spieth about his round, he said he was able to gather some good information and data, things he needs to specifically tidy up moving forward. What things do you feel like you need to tidy up?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just the occasional miss. I hit a couple of loose iron shots. My distance control is atrocious. That's pretty upsetting in a place like this, where that's what you need to be on. Just hit some bad wedges and bad short irons. But overall, it's not far off. It really isn't.

I easily, easily could have won this golf tournament by a pretty good amount of strokes. So that part's a little upsetting, but just the fact that I'm playing at all is definitely reassuring.

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