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January 13, 2018

Wes Short

Orlando, Florida

Q. This is obviously such a different event. What is kind of just the thrill of being able to be around the kind of who's who of sports?
WES SHORT: It's a lot of fun to see the guys you used to watch play baseball, basketball, whatever they played. They were very good at what they do, and it's nice to be around people like that.

Q. I mean, Greg Maddux, he's known as one of the most cerebral athletes of his generation. Did you pick his brain at all about his process or any of that?
WES SHORT: You know, our sports are a little bit different. I'm pretty good usually at what I do too. He's great at what he did. But they're a little bit out of their arena when they're in ours, and we'd be the same if we were in theirs. But he is very nice. It was very nice playing with him. We talked a lot on the course. It was fun to be around him.

Q. Did you trade war stories at all or talk about your sports?
WES SHORT: We talked a little bit about‑‑ I asked him a few questions about what his favorite ballpark was to pitch in. He asked me what my favorite course was and stuff.

Q. What were the answers?
WES SHORT: He said he hadn't lost, I think, in 15 years in San Francisco. And then I told him TPC Summerlin. That's where I won my Tour event at. But it was fun talking with them two guys. Alfonso is a lot of fun to play with too. He's pretty funny.

Q. Are you guys asked for swing tips or anything like that? That's what I'd be doing the whole time.
WES SHORT: I don't know what the rules are here, but it's against the rules‑‑

Q. Oh, is it?
WES SHORT: Yeah, you can't really do it during the tournament. I tried to tell him a little something afterwards.

Q. You did?

Q. What did you tell him?
WES SHORT: He was leaving his putt short. It was just a putting deal for Alfonso.

Q. And you, it seems like you weren't leaving your putts short. How did you play today?
WES SHORT: I actually played‑‑ I shot 2 over on the front and then 7 under on the back. So I ended well. Hopefully, I can carry it over for tomorrow.

Q. How competitive do you feel like this is? Joe Durant's comment is, hey, this is a golf tournament.
WES SHORT: It is. We're here to win. We're all competitive. Everybody in the tournament is really competitive. We've been doing competitive stuff since we were kids. Everybody here wants to win, I promise you.

Q. Last thing. Just the opportunities that golf has afforded you, I mean, it's pretty amazing some of the stuff you guys get to do, the courses and stuff, but this is kind of even a different twist.
WES SHORT: It is. Like I said, you don't really get to meet these guys and play golf with them in the real world. Golf's been good to me. Like I said, it's been really nice to play in this event, and it's been a fun tournament so far.

Q. You played with Alfonso today, and Alfonso does a lot of the commercials for the Tour.
WES SHORT: Champions Tour, yes.

Q. What does it mean to have his support and then be able to play with him?
WES SHORT: He's got a huge following. It's nice to‑‑ his followers will probably follow us since we're following him. It helps our Tour. We play two Pro‑Ams a week, and we need those. It's great to have a guy like him support us.

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