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January 13, 2018

Tom Hoge

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Tom, I thought that was a professional round of golf out there. I don't know, it looked easier than it probably felt out there, but lots of greens, kept yourself in position, and made the putts you had to.
TOM HOGE: I've been hitting it really well for the last three days. Nice to see a few putts go in here today. There were a few January shots out there, first round of the year for sure, but I managed my way around them pretty well, and happy with the day.

Q. The strengths that you take out of the first 54 holes into Sunday, what are you going to lean on the most tomorrow?
TOM HOGE: Just confidence I've been playing well. Hopefully, the putter gets going a little better here. I'm pleased with the way that I'm playing, and hopefully can do one more day.

Q. Walk me through the last couple of months. There was a wedding in there that you had to worry about. There was keeping your PGA TOUR card to get back out here. It's sort of the roller coaster of emotions. And then to get to this moment, it's been a pretty fun little ride the last couple months for you.
TOM HOGE: Yeah, for sure. I was looking at going back to the Web.Com Tour there and put it together the last few holes to get back out here. Played well in Vegas, off to a good start.

So a lot of confidence just the way I started off the year. I knew I was playing well, and I was anxious to get back out and get going and start the year.

Q. In this round today, I thought the up and down there at 13 was pretty key to keep sort of the momentum going. Was that the hole that kept this thing possible to get in at 64?
TOM HOGE: Yeah, for sure, you hit it over the back of the green, you never know what you're going to get for a line. I had a nice line and enough slope where I could send it up in the air. Very fortunate there, and made a good putt to complete it. But, yeah, nice day. A lot of looks there in the front nine. Hopefully, can hit some more greens tomorrow.

Q. Standing by with Tom Hoge after a third round 64 playing in the final group with a chance to win your first PGA TOUR event tomorrow. What will you draw upon as you experience the emotions you're bound to experience tomorrow?
TOM HOGE: I've been close a few times in the fall here. I played well in those situations. Just got to go out and play another solid round. That's kind of been my focus for me is get the ball on the fairway. I've been pretty good with irons and wedges. Hit it in the fairway and go from there.

Q. Last year you came down to the final round of the year to gain your card. Had to go back to the Web.com to the Finals to do it, 65 in the final round to jump into the top 25. Did you learn something about yourself there that could be valuable there?
TOM HOGE: For sure. To have to putt on the last hole to get back on the PGA TOUR and have a job for next year was a big deal to make. Kind of been building off that confidence the whole way here. Feel like my game's in a good spot and ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Do you think the scare that you and your wife went through and about a million people in Hawaii went through puts things in perspective when you're out there competing?
TOM HOGE: For sure. To get that missile threat on your phone, you don't know what's going to happen. For me in North Dakota, people out there in the snow, to be out here in Hawaii, 70 degrees, it was a lot of fun today.

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