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January 13, 2018

Brian Harman

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Brian, 68 today, still a solid day. You started in the final group with the lead, but you stay in the final group tomorrow. Still very much in this golf tournament.
BRIAN HARMAN: The course played a little tougher today, at least for me. There's some tee shots out there that are at best 50-50 balls, like the one I had on 18. Probably the best drive I hit all week, and I get up there and I don't have much for a second shot. I've been kind of getting those breaks all week, and today I saw the other side of it. Hopefully, it will move back in my favor tomorrow.

Q. I called most of your shots this week for our broadcast, and today I saw a lot of putts that I thought were going in just kind of pull up shy. Did you see the same thing I did?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I kind of whispered to myself, gosh, all day. On that last putt on 18, just, you know, when I got aggressive like on 17, I knocked it by. So it's kind of a cat and mouse game out there.

Q. All being said, though, still striking it very well, and I think you proved that with the tee shot on 17 that never left the flag. The ball mark was only a couple feet from the hole. So you're still happy with the swing, I'm assuming?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, just a couple loose ones today. Like I said, the one on 18 was as good as I've hit one all week and just got a bad bounce. We'll get after them tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Q. You're playing great. You're in a great spot. Good luck tomorrow. Should be fine.
BRIAN HARMAN: Thanks so much.

Q. 68 today. Assess your round out there.
BRIAN HARMAN: Just a little looser today. Just not quite -- just missed a few tee shots and didn't have as many chances as I wanted to. But I've got a feeling tomorrow is going to be all right.

Q. You're in the final group the last couple weeks. What kind of confidence have you really taken through the fall part of the season and now into 2018?
BRIAN HARMAN: I was a little more uncomfortable today than I thought I would be. Hopefully, I'll settle down a little bit tomorrow.

Q. Was there something that made you a little bit more uncomfortable about it?
BRIAN HARMAN: Just being in the last group is tough. You've got to -- especially because we've been playing pretty early, and today we tee off at 1:00 something. So sleeping in a little bit more, a little groggy. Just wasn't quite on my game today.

Q. If there's one thing you feel like you need to do to hoist the trophy, it would be?
BRIAN HARMAN: I think just make a couple more putts. I'll be right there.

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