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January 13, 2018

Blayne Barber

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Just kind of walk us through what happened.
BLAYNE BARBER: Yeah, we -- Cory, myself, and my brother are all staying together this week, and we went to dinner last night, just kind of had a normal dinner, and then went back to the hotel. I was pretty beat. It was just a long day yesterday. So Shane and I were just going to hang out in there.

And Cory wanted to go -- there's a restaurant that kind of overlooks Waikiki called Over Waikiki or something and wanted to check out the view. Then he ended up meeting with some other people at a restaurant down there, some other caddies and people down there.

So about 30 minutes after he left the room, I got a call from Ryan Blaum -- Mark Carens is working for Ryan. So he reached -- thankfully, Cory was with other people that we know because who knows if he wasn't around that. And then he called me and said something had happened. By the time I got there, he was unconscious, and the paramedics were there. Then I went to the hospital with him last night. And he's pretty much just been unresponsive since then.

He's in the neurological ICU, a lot of bleeding and swelling in his brain. So I went by this morning, and that was kind of the last update I had. He's in pretty critical condition. His parents are flying in tomorrow. So I'm going to go.

I slept about three hours. That was about the hardest day of golf I've ever played, between that and the texts this morning. So, yeah, I'm pretty -- just exhausted. So I'm going to go check on him and see what's up now.

Q. Do you know if he has any kind of history of seizures or anything like that?
BLAYNE BARBER: No. And seizures was mentioned, but as far as I know, he collapsed, and the head trauma is the issue. But we don't know why he collapsed. I mean, he could have been dehydrated or any number of things. So, yeah, I don't think there's any necessarily clear answers at the moment.

Yeah, just continue to pray for him. I'm going to go get an update here and see what the latest is.

Q. Did he undergo surgery?
BLAYNE BARBER: No, they -- and I actually ran into the ER trauma doctor as she was leaving her shift this morning, and she said that at the moment surgery doesn't seem to be needed. They're not pursuing that. They're just trying to control the swelling and the bleeding medicinally. But that was at 8:30 this morning.

Q. So he fell and hit something on the way down or hit the ground?
BLAYNE BARBER: He hit the floor. He was just standing up and fell and hit his head on the floor pretty hard evidently. I've heard two or three different stories about it, but that's kind of the general consensus of what took place.

Q. Can you talk about the emotions. You mentioned the texts, just between everything. Today was rough?
BLAYNE BARBER: It's just -- I mean, I've been gone from my kids and my wife for ten days, and between that happening to Cory and then just the emotions of facing your own mortality in that moment, it's just been a heavy day for sure. It's been a good day. It's good to face those things sometimes, but, yeah, it certainly wiped me out, and I didn't -- I was kind of out of it all day, just trying to push through and have something to concentrate on, but it was hard to focus on any of that.

Q. Where were you when the alert came through?
BLAYNE BARBER: I just walked into the hospital. Yeah, we had just got there, and we were kind of trying to find the ICU, and then we just ran as low as we could go. So, yeah, it was crazy.

Q. Did you think about it while you were playing today?
BLAYNE BARBER: I did, and I sought some counsel from multiple people. With him being completely unresponsive right now, there wasn't much I could do. Thankfully, my brother Shane was here, which is great. That kind of just worked itself out.

I felt like it may just get my mind off of stuff, and it didn't really. I just spent the last 4 1/2 hours kind of whacking it around and thinking about a lot of things, but yeah.

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