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January 13, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Where were you this morning?
JORDAN SPIETH: At the hotel here, at the Kahala. The theme of the day was, no matter what was going on, Mike would say or I would say back to him, at least we're alive, which isn't really funny. But, yeah, it's kind of nuts. I was calling people back home and trying to get updates because my phone service wasn't really working. Just everybody's was blocked making outgoing calls. So it was pretty scary.

Q. What were your thoughts?
JORDAN SPIETH: What is the appropriate thing to do to best survive? Everyone was saying go away from the windows or whatever. I kind of thought maybe, if we had a car, it would be wise to get in it and drive as far away from town as possible. But I mean, it's not cool that it happened, but it certainly was a bit of a learning experience to try to figure out and do some research on what could possibly happen. Either that or just get off the islands, which we're going home tomorrow night.

Q. Did you make any calls or anything like that?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I called Annie, and I called my parents, a lot more for information and to let them know what's going on and to try to get them to find out some information. And then my brother did some pretty good quick research and was texting over that there was a Governor that had said it's false reports about that time. It wasn't too long from when it went off to when they called it a false report, fortunately.

In that time in between, it was pretty scary at the hotel when they came over the loud speaker and said everyone take shelter, this isn't a drill.

It's weird. The alarm's gone off a couple times at the hotel this week. So just get through tomorrow and head back home and have a couple weeks off, I guess.

Q. What did you decide on doing?
JORDAN SPIETH: We were inside. We were just inside away from windows, trying to gather information. I was outside.

Q. Did you hide in the tub?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, didn't do anything other than kind of stay in the Kahala there just away from stuff. I was outside because I didn't have any service in the lower level there. So I was outside answering calls. I figured, when missiles are launched, it takes like hours. And I found out afterwards, I guess, they could reach in like 20 minutes. So if I knew that, I wouldn't have been outside taking calls. I would have been elsewhere.

It's good to know that information. Hopefully, it never is a problem, but it's crazy.

Q. I have to ask you about your game. When you hit it as well as you did today, 16 of 18 greens in regulation, how do you reconcile that with maybe not making as many putts as you'd like?
JORDAN SPIETH: Right back to what I said the beginning of last week, which was stay patient, it's a process. So I'm getting back to the setup and comfort level that I had in 2015 and '16 that went away a bit last year. I'm very pleased that Cameron did some unbelievable research and video recovery to figure out where things need adjustment to get back to being able to stroke it with freedom. It's just going to take some rounds.

I thought today was close. You know, I just didn't hit putts hard enough. Every single putt I missed, I missed low. So I've got to go out tomorrow and make that adjustment and take higher lines.

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