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January 12, 2018

Troy Glaus

Orlando, Florida

Q. Great round today. Can you count up your birdies, the number of them?
TROY GLAUS: I don't know exactly, four or five. Yeah, the greens are perfect. Conditions got a little difficult with the rain and the wind. Put up a couple too many big numbers, but that's okay. That's why we're amateurs.

Q. That's all right. How much golf do you play?
TROY GLAUS: I play pretty regularly. Three times a week, maybe four. That's what I do now, just play golf and chase a little kid around, chase my boy around. That's it.

Q. That's good. Can you talk about this tournament in general and how it's a little bit unique.
TROY GLAUS: It's all for a great cause. We all love doing things like this. The Diamond Resorts people put on a great tournament. They take great care of us. Like I said, the course condition is fantastic. Minus the wind and the rain, it was really, really fun today.

Q. So how windy was it really? The whole round?
TROY GLAUS: There were stretches, I don't know what the measurement was‑‑ for most of the day, it was pretty comfortable, maybe 9, 10, 12 miles an hour. Towards the end, there was probably 25, 30 mile an hour gusts. That got a little bit more difficult and got your attention. We all managed to do all right. We got it around.

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