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January 12, 2018

Scott Parel

Orlando, Florida

Q. Scott, great round today. They obviously just blew the horn. Do you feel fortunate to have gotten maybe the good end of the draw, get out early?
SCOTT PAREL: Yeah, well, I don't know. I think we were all‑‑ it was tough out there. Am I glad to be done? Yeah, I'm glad to be done before the horn blew. But you don't know, when they come back, it may be perfect. Just take what you got.

Q. You made, I think, five birdies in a row in the middle of your round?
SCOTT PAREL: Yeah, I think that's right. I don't know. Like I said, I've had the flu. Yesterday was the first day I got out of bed. So I hadn't seen the golf course at all. So I couldn't even tell you holes or anything. Today's the first time I saw it. Probably has something to do with playing well. My expectations were obviously pretty low.

Q. Did you hit the ball close? Were you making a lot of putts?
SCOTT PAREL: It was a combination. I did make a lot of putts on my back nine, which was my first nine, and then hit some pretty close ones. But I made my share of putts, yeah.

Q. Is it nice to start the season with an event like this? It's a fun format. It doesn't count towards the Schwab Cup.
SCOTT PAREL: For sure. I think it's great. You kind of get to see maybe where your game is a little bit. It doesn't really‑‑ it doesn't count per se. And then plus too, if you play well, maybe you get a little confidence going into when the season really does start.
I'm glad I had this, that I was fortunate enough to qualify and get in.

Q. Do you think with the format‑‑ it awards aggressive play, rewards birdies‑‑ does that fit the style of game that you like to try to play?
SCOTT PAREL: I think so, definitely. I think I hit driver on every hole today, which had I played a practice round, maybe I don't. But when you're in that mode, especially after you've made some birdies and you feel like you've accumulated some points, and it's kind of silly to be conservative. So, yeah, I think definitely favors an aggressive player.

Q. And last season, you made it to the Schwab Cup Championship, had a really consistent season. Do you feel like your goals have changed at all for this upcoming season? What's your outlook?
SCOTT PAREL: You know, I think goals are pretty much the same. For a player like me, the goal is to always be at whatever number you have to be to be exempt for the following year. That's my number one goal. And then number two, I'd love to win, which usually if you win, that takes care of the other one.
But my outlook is pretty much the same as it was starting last year. If I can finish 21st on the Schwab Cup in 2018, I'll be tickled to death.

Q. Feel better, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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