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January 12, 2018

Marcelo Melo

Lukasz Kubot

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Firstly, congratulations on your performance today. It's your first win, first tournament in Sydney. How did you find the match today?
MARCELO MELO: It was great. I think we played very good in the final, as we have been playing in the tournament. We, for sure, are very happy to start the year with a title here in Sydney.

Q. You come in as the co-No. 1s in doubles rankings. Do you think there is any more pressure coming in, or how do you feel?
LUKASZ KUBOT: Yes, for us it's a new situation right now. We are coming to the tournament as the favorite, top seed, so we have to face the situation.

It's great that we have this week in Sydney, couple matches, you know, before Australian Open. We are always happy and pleased to be here down in Australia and very pleased that we finished this way this week in Sydney like that.

Q. A lot of people were complaining about the heat. On Sunday we had 45 degrees. Today you're playing in 28, 30 degrees. How did you manage yourselves in these tough conditions throughout the week?
MARCELO MELO: Yeah, you've got to be ready. I think we, especially me more used to the heat. Brisbane was pretty hot. At the end of the year, what I do the preseason, I'm more used to that. But I think every player needs to be ready for this kind of heat.

Q. How did it feel against a pair like Struff and Troicki? Troicki has won the Sydney final here 2015, 2016. How did you find facing a new pairing in a big-stage final?
LUKASZ KUBOT: Yeah, it's always tricky to play singles players, because they hit the ball very hard. They always try to hit from the baseline.

For us, we had to, you know, face and make the strategy for us to feel comfortable on the court to win the last point. We were working a lot on that after the semifinals match, and we are pleased that it went that way like it went today.

Q. Do you think this sets you up for a strong Australian Open?
LUKASZ KUBOT: Well, yes, that's what I said. We are pleased and happy that we had a couple of matches here in Sydney, because the weather is always tricky. Now we have time to change and go to Melbourne, which the weather I think is totally different than in Sydney.

Yeah, we are ready for that. We have three matches behind. Every level of the matches was -- every time we played better and better, so give us a little bit confidence in the beginning of the year and we are happy to be there.

Of course, new situation, top seeds, we have to face that, and, yeah, we've got to move on and work on our game every day.

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