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January 11, 2018

Alex De Minaur

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What a night. How was it for you out there?
ALEX DE MINAUR: It was lots of fun (smiling). I reckon it's probably my latest night I played, and it was great to play in front of such an energetic crowd. You know, especially to play on your home court, it meant a lot for me to get that win.

Q. Are you sort of getting a feeling for how to sort of ride the momentum and the energy of the crowd?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, for sure. After every point and every game I'm out there, you know, I'm learning, taking it all in. I know how to deal with different types of situations now. Yeah, this is just really helping me.

Q. You talked the other day about your mental focus and your breathing and things like that. When it got towards the end, he got one of the breaks back, you were serving for the match, a huge result, were you nervous?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, for sure. Before every important game on my serve, I made sure, you know, I used my breathing techniques and focused on what I wanted to do. You know, that helped me get over the line.

Q. Did you feel nervous at all, or did you feel quite calm and composed?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Um, you feel nervous at times in matches, but, you know, the adrenaline and intensity and the crowd also, you know, helps you deal with them. You try to fire up and get pumped and let all the nerves go away.

Q. When they are playing 'New Sensation' as you walked out, a big kind of buildup to start, did that make you nervous at the start? Did it take a couple of games to settle in at that point?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Look, I was ready to go from the first point. It took me a while to be able to deal with his serve. You know, he was swinging everywhere. It was something I had to adapt to.

I felt like as soon as I started to take a couple of steps back and, you know, get different looks, I found my rhythm again and started returning like I have been this whole Australian summer, that was what got me over the line.

Q. What about your game plan? You kept going to his backhand. He seemed rattled towards the end. How much of a confidence feeling is that, knowing you can execute that?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, that's my brand of tennis. You know, that's what I bring to the court every time. You know, I'd like to think I'm versatile and I can adapt to every type of game style.

Today the game plan was to be very solid. You know he was going to come up with different kinds of shots, going to slice a lot on the backhand, try to get in a lot. I just had to be patient, wait for the right ball, and dictate when I could.

Q. Have you had to reassess your goals for the summer? Have you surprised yourself by how much success you have had just over two weeks?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, I'm trying not to look at the big picture. I'm just trying to go day by day, and that's been working at the moment, so I'm going to keep it that way.

Q. Do you feel like the crowds are sort of reacting more to you with each match as they get to know you a bit better and just see you a little more? Have you seen that building up?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, it's great to, you know, see these guys coming out to watch my practice and warmups and then staying late at night to watch me play. Obviously I'm really thankful, and, you know, I'm glad I can play in front of a crowd like that.

Q. So next up is Benoit Paire. You probably are the two most uniform players on the tour because you both made two semifinals in your first two tournaments. You know him already. He's obviously in a different place and feeling better and more in form. What do you think of that one?
ALEX DE MINAUR: It's going to be another match. I'm going to get out there and do what I have been doing. It's going to be fun.

He's a very talented player. Has a very high level. I'm just going to go out there, try to weather the storm, and try to play my game.

Q. The Open draw was done this evening. Tomas Berdych. What do you think about that matchup?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Obviously a very tough match, but, look, I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a great opportunity for me, and, you know, I can't wait to get out there on court in my home slam and, you know, show everybody what I've got.

Q. You're a bit in the land of giants in that section. I think Juan Martin is further down the line, as well. Playing Milos last week, does that probably help with that?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, first I think I've got to focus on Berdych (smiling). It's going to be tough, but at the moment I'm just trying to focus on the task in hand, which is Benoit Paire tomorrow.

Look, I'm really keen to get back out there on court and compete.

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