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January 11, 2018

Camila Giorgi

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

C. GIORGI/A. Radwanska

6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You have now taken out three really top players in a row. That's a fantastic series for you. Have you played better?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, it was very important for me, starting the qualification, and there I think I start match by match to start play my game.

Q. Has it surprised you, like, with all the big names you have beaten in a row, or did you kind of know you could do this? This doesn't surprise you?
CAMILA GIORGI: No. I think I just was focusing for, first, on my game and be solid and try to play like I know. That's all.

Q. But it's one thing to be solid. It's another thing to beat Radwanska 6-1, 6-2 on centre court. That's a very impressive performance. Do you feel it's more than just solid?
CAMILA GIORGI: I just play a good match. It was a good match, and the important thing is keep the level. This is the more good thing, I hope. I mean, this is the point, to keep going like this.

Q. It was an elbow injury that stopped you from finishing the season last year, yes?

Q. How is it now? How was your offseason to prepare to play as well as this?
CAMILA GIORGI: I stopped playing for three months last year for this problem, so it was very difficult starting -- I start the year in Shenzhen. Was not easy because was the first match after many months without official match.

Now I'm feeling good. Physically I don't have problems, and I hope to play as more matches as possible.

Q. What are your expectations for 2018?
CAMILA GIORGI: Especially don't have problems physically so I can play as many tournaments as I can to keep the rhythm. And improve my game and be stable.

Q. When you started in qualifying last week, did you ever think that maybe you'd find yourself here in the semifinals?
CAMILA GIORGI: This is tennis (smiling). You never know.

Yeah, as I say, I focus match by match. Is not I was thinking one week. So that's all.

Q. Your next match is Kerber.

Q. What do you think about that match?
CAMILA GIORGI: I think is gonna be a good match. As I say, I will be focused on my game, and I hope to play like this, like these games.

Q. Where do you think the match could be won? Kerber has found a very high level. She hasn't lost a match yet and is doing everything well. She's being very aggressive, but she also defends so well. How do you break that down?
CAMILA GIORGI: Play my game and be solid and try to play my best. That's all.

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