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January 11, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Kyle, great start. Helps when you have a big bomb at the last to cap things off.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, it was nice. Saw some putts go in today, which was good. Feel like I rolled the ball really well. Struggled on the greens last week, so just put some extra time with the putter leading into this week, and it looks like it paid off.

Q. 161 feet worth of putts, in case you haven't seen the numbers yet today. Number one in strokes in putting so far with the morning wave. Was it just the adjustment, or is it getting on the greens that seem a little more straightforward, knowing what we had to deal with last week with the elevation?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, these greens are certainly in better shape than the ones last week. They're just rolling really well, and my speed's a little better, so that helps too. Seems out here, if you get your line and it's the right one, it will probably go in.

Q. Second time you had to transition from playing on the Kapalua Plantation course to going over here. It's night and day. You don't leave the island, but it's two completely golf courses. How do you manage the quick turnaround to a completely different golf course?
KYLE STANLEY: I haven't quite figured out that Kapalua golf course, but I seem to play well here. This golf course is pretty straightforward. Keep it in front of you and play boring golf and try to make some putts, and you'll probably have a good week out here.

Q. What worked even more than the putter today? Everything else just clicking for you?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I hit it fine, drove it okay. But, yeah, it was mostly the putter today.

Q. Nice putting performance by Kyle Stanley today, nearly 162 feet of putts made, including a 42-footer for eagle. Was putting a big key for your round?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I hit it okay, nothing special, but I made a lot of putts. Nice to see them go in. Struggled a little bit on the greens last week, so coming into this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, spent a little extra time with the putter.

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