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January 11, 2018

Cam Smith

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Just some overall thoughts on your first round, Cam.
CAM SMITH: Yeah, pretty solid. A few putts didn't drop, but, yeah, just getting used to the greens. A little bit of speed difference from last week to this week. So probably just going to go do a bit of work on the green, and hopefully the putts will drop tomorrow.

Q. The rust has been progressively dropping off the last few rounds, right? You've been getting better and better?
CAM SMITH: Yeah, just from not playing, I guess, and not really practicing either. I had a bit of time off over Christmas. Yeah, just a bit of the competition rust and general game rust. But, yeah, all's feeling pretty good.

Q. A couple of 66s, few more of those, and you'll be doing all right.
CAM SMITH: Yeah, that's the goal. Three more of those would be perfect.

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