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January 11, 2018

Justin Thomas

Kevin Kisner

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Justin, I got to ask you first, was that the best looking 'Bama jersey you've ever seen?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's definitely the best Kis has ever looked in a jersey. I don't know about the best looking 'Bama jersey. They all look good, so it was all in good fun.

Q. It is in good fun. Kevin, what are your plans for that jersey now?
KEVIN KISNER: We're going to raffle it off and make some money for charity for kids. Justin was gracious enough to let me keep the 'Bama jersey, and I'll give it to the recipient who wins the raffle. It's all in good fun, but we're going to help out some kids and make some money for the Kisner Foundation.

Q. That's admirable. Dufner is not going to bid on it?
KEVIN KISNER: We told him he's going to win and we needed his address so we can send it to him. We were going to rig it.

Q. It says something about you guys and the camaraderie you have that you can do that in good fun. When you're out there playing alongside a friend like that, does it fire you up at all?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't know about fire you up. It's just, I would say, more enjoyable. We can kind of talk between shots, and we both know each other's family really well. So you can kind of catch up here and there about that. But we spend a lot of weeks on the road the entire year, so we see a lot of each other. Sometimes maybe a little bit too much.

Q. What are you going to bet next year, Kevin?
KEVIN KISNER: We'll probably roll it again. If I'd have got the points, he'd have been wearing it, and I was lobbying for the points the whole week, and he didn't give them to me. So I'm still not sure about this bet.

Q. Justin and Kevin, I know it was about golf today, but it was a lot of fun out there. Kevin, you couldn't sprint fast enough to get that jersey off after you had to put that on.
KEVIN KISNER: I'm blaming that bogey on him. I would have never hit that bad of a shot if I wasn't thinking about that 'Bama jersey. No, it's all in good fun. We're going to do a lot of good with that and raise a bunch of money.

Q. Following up on that, auctioning it off, signing it today, how is that going to make an impact?
KEVIN KISNER: We're going to raffle it off through my foundation, sell a bunch of raffle tickets, pick out a winner, and then give that money back to the children in our community. Justin is good enough to let me do it, and I'll get him back in the future.

Q. Justin, best looking 16 to ever wear the Crimson Tide jersey?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Definitely the best today that I saw. Yeah, it was cool to have that happen. I'm sure Kis and I would both agree that we would gladly sign right now to have that same exact bet happen next year.

Q. Kis is joking, we didn't see a whole lot of putts falling, and you finally get one at the last. 67 to get around, no bogeys. I know not the start you wanted but still managed to get a score out of it.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, definitely played better than the score showed. All of us had a hard time getting the putts going. Duff made a couple, but it's not like they were from any long range by any means. This is a place where that's what's cool about it. You don't need to -- over the course of a week, definitely low number takes it, but you go shoot a couple under, it's never going to kill you. You just try to throw in one hot low round, and Kis and I are both capable of that.

Q. Any bounce backs? Swimming, diving, basketball, softball, anything to come back on quickly to reverse the curse here?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, we did wax them in basketball last week.


KEVIN KISNER: But neither one of us are very good, so I wouldn't get too fired up about that. We just hope we see each other in Atlanta next year.

Q. I think you said something about he never looked so good in a jersey. Can you imagine wearing it next year at this time?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, he handled it a lot better than I probably would have if I had to put the jersey on. I don't know. I don't know how he feels. I don't have the hatred toward Georgia like I do a lot of other schools in the SEC. I don't know if he feels the same way. That's why he handled it as well as he did, or if he's just that good of a sport. No, it was a lot of fun. I wish Kis would have at least made par. I wouldn't have felt so guilty about making him do it.

Q. Kis, was it on your mind?
KEVIN KISNER: No. We were laughing about it on 16. I said, one more shot until you put that jersey on me, and we started laughing. We don't get there as often as Alabama, so it was a little more heartbreaking for us.

Q. Tua went to school about five minutes up the street. Any thanks you want to give to Tua for what he did in the game?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I think myself and the rest of the Alabama fans think it was an unbelievable performance. Hats off to Coach Saban for even taking the risk and putting him in. But I'm hoping to somehow get some of those Tua vibes here in Honolulu for sure.

Q. What were the points?

Q. You wouldn't budge?
JUSTIN THOMAS: He asked a lot. I wouldn't give it.

KEVIN KISNER: I'm more of a gambler than he is, and he still wouldn't budge.

JUSTIN THOMAS: I was nervous going into the game, and I wanted any advantage I could possibly have.

KEVIN KISNER: I didn't even text you during the game. That was pretty nice.

JUSTIN THOMAS: I didn't text you either.

KEVIN KISNER: I just said are you ready before it?

JUSTIN THOMAS: And I said no.

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