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January 10, 2018

Daria Gavrilova

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. On court you said that you knew that you would be playing for a place in the semifinal in this match? When did you find that out?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Get in trouble. No, I just -- yeah, I didn't know.

Q. Oh, you didn't know? Okay. From 3-1 on, you took control of the match. How were you able to turn it around so strongly?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Yeah. I felt like I rushed a little bit, but I knew that I was -- I had chances on every serve of Sam's, and I felt like I was in every game and I was still playing good tennis, so I just, yeah, I just made less mistakes and I was more focused on what I had to do.

Yeah, made a lot more balls and made her miss a few.

Q. How much of a bonus is it to have that free passage to the semifinals for you now?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Um, I would still want to play, I think. But, I mean, it is a bonus. Yeah, I can just work on a few things tomorrow with my coach, and yeah, have a lighter day.

Q. Have you ever played GarbiƱe before?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Under-14 maybe. Ages ago. I don't think I ever played her on the tour.

Q. You have a remarkable record against compatriots.
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Sam, Strasbourg.

Q. Because you have won so many of those matches, do you particularly get up for those matches against other Australians?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: I don't know. I think it just happens. Yesterday it was so tight. And I beat Ash this year, or last year. It was 7-6 in the third. So there were still all tight matches.

Somehow I end up winning. Yeah, it is tough playing a friend and a teammate, because we are all actually pretty close. Yeah, we always hang out together when we're touring.

Q. Do you feel that this matchup like in Australia on a hard court suits you better against Sam than it does, say, in France on a clay court?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Yeah, definitely clay is Sam's favorite surface, but I think it is mine, as well. But I think, like you said, it is probably a better matchup playing against Sam on hard for me. These conditions are probably a little bit better for me.

Q. There is potential now that you will play Ash in the semifinal. How special would that be, home soil, to play Ash?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: I feel like I'm playing Australian Nationals. (Smiling.)

Yeah, it's going to be tough. She's playing some great tennis, and she deserves all the success she's had. Yeah, hopefully it will happen and we will have a good battle.

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