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January 9, 2018

Daria Gavrilova

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

D. GAVRILOVA/O. Rogowska

6-4, 1-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously that was a tough one because of the big delay and it was paused at 5-4 in the third set. How were you able to refocus and come out?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: I actually experienced a few matches like that the last few months. Well, before the preseason. So I kind of knew what I had to do. Yeah, I had a full-on dinner, because I knew it's going to be at least two hours before we get back on court.

Then, yeah, just did a really good, intensive warmup and then -- yeah, I just knew what I had to do on the court. Yeah, I was trying to keep my footwork sharp.

Q. You played a lot of three-setters last year. Did that help at all a little bit, like, here we go again, the experience of it?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Yeah, that's exactly what I was said to myself. Okay, yeah, another three-setter. Been there, done that. Every second match is like that (smiling).

Q. You said you got a little bit nervous in the second set. Why do you think that was?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: I don't know. I felt like I wasn't playing that great, and I just had too many thoughts coming through my head. Yeah, just played a pretty loose first game, and then, yeah, just started to overthink things a bit too much.

And then it just went on, and then she stepped up and played some good tennis. To be honest, to be fair, she was playing, I think, the whole match pretty good. Yeah, I think she's back to where she was.

Q. Did her level surprise you at all? She hasn't played a lot of tour-level tournaments for quite a long time.
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Well, I haven't seen her play, but she's won a few challengers last year, and it's never easy. I think their level is not far from our level. I mean, I have been there not that long ago, so I did -- like, I respected her. I knew that she competes well. Yeah, I expected a pretty tough match.

Q. She had that net cord winner on game point after you had that match point. I mean, what are you telling yourself right as that ball lands in, and the next couple of minutes you kind of have to refocus?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Well, I swore in my head (smiling). Or maybe out loud. Who knows? I wasn't happy. Then I hit a double fault. But then I regrouped pretty well. I was, like, okay, just keep being sharp with your legs.

Yeah, literally just told myself, okay, use your legs here. That's what you've got, and that's what you need.

Q. You've got Sam next. It's been a bit of an Australian flavor this tournament. The other court has Perez and Barty.
DARIA GAVRILOVA: What's their score, by the way?

Q. 5-3 to Ash.

Q. First of all, maybe your thoughts on facing Sam. And then maybe, like, the Aussie women's tournament has been really good this year.
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Yeah, it's going to be pretty tough playing a friend and a teammate. We have been training together. Yeah, played a couple of practice sets in the preseason.

We know each other pretty well. Yeah, there won't be any surprises or any new tactics, I don't think, unless she comes up with something (smiling).

Yeah, I think Aussie tennis in general, we're doing pretty well. Girls are doing really good. Jaimee Fourlis just had her first WTA win, and Des is playing some good tennis.

Yeah, a few young girls are upcoming. Arina, Ajla, again, Olivia inside 150, that's pretty good. So I think hopefully Arina is going to be top 100 soon and we can all travel together.

Q. How different is it to play the Aussie summer compared to the other nine months of the season? I mean, is it just that different for you, like, for these four, five weeks?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: I love it. I mean, I get a lot of, like, a lot of attention, a lot more than what I usually get when I'm traveling anywhere, really.

Yeah, I really like it. Like, of course there is added pressure, but I just, yeah, I just try and -- you know, I think of the crowd and I get a lot of, like, young girls and boys supporting me. I'm, like, okay, just try and behave for them (smiling). Yeah, just always try your best. I really do enjoy the Aussie tennis summer.

Q. Is it draining? How much do you have to change your, like, daily schedule? I presume you have more friends around, you know, more responsibilities, things like that compared to maybe, you know, other times on the tour?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Yeah, I manage it pretty well. Yeah, a few friends are coming and supporting me, and, like, all the tickets and stuff. But I manage it pretty well. Yeah, I do it, like, ahead of time. I don't do it just before matches.

Even coming out to practice courts, I have to sign a few more autographs. And then I really don't want to be rude. I will stand there and sign everyone's and all the kids'. I'll say hello to everyone.

So, yeah, it is a bit different, but, I mean, you've got to do it. You've got to make them happy. I feel really bad if I don't sign, like, the kids' ball. I'll make sure I say sorry if I have to run. Sometimes I have to run, and I'm, like, "Sorry."

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