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January 8, 2018

Camila Giorgi

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

C. GIORGI/S. Stephens

6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was a great performance today. How are you feeling going into this season and what do you think was working particularly well for you today?
CAMILA GIORGI: I think today was consistent part of the game. I start a little bit maybe doing some faults in general, but then I play my game and was good after.

Q. So you have won four matches in a row now after coming through qualifying. What are you kind of overall happy with with what's going on in your game?
CAMILA GIORGI: I think it's very important now starting this season. I was like three months without playing tennis, so is good to be back and play a little bit more matches to get ready for the rest of the year.

Q. What was your preparation for this year? Where did you train?
CAMILA GIORGI: I train in Italy, my home, and felt so very good. I did six weeks of preparation. It was great. Very good.

Q. What about the weather?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, it's completely different (smiling). I was playing indoor, and here it's so hot. But is nice.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about last year and just in terms of how difficult of a season it was and why you think it was just kind of getting the wins and getting the momentum was maybe a little bit difficult last year and how...
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, it was very difficult, because I was playing very good but I had many, many injuries that I couldn't play. I mean, I stopped playing after US Open, for example. I was injured. And from there, I finish my year.

I was withdrawing every tournament and hoping that I was better, but not. But now I'm good. I'm in shape, so this is the more important.

Q. What were some of the injuries that you struggled with?
CAMILA GIORGI: It was elbow, the elbow.

Q. Elbow on the right?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, on right. So I couldn't play.

Q. How much therapy or kind of rehab, physio work did you have to do?
CAMILA GIORGI: I did like rehab, rehabilitation with many -- I don't know how you say in English, but with many kind of...

Q. Specialists?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, exactly, specialists, massage, and then doing a little bit of everything.

Q. So you're 100% fit coming into this season?

Q. That must feel much better?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yes, of course. Yeah, hoping there is no stop this year (smiling).

Q. So next up is either I think Petra or Lucic. Will you watch much of that today? And what do you think of either of them?
CAMILA GIORGI: I think the more importance is to be in shape for next match. I mean, I focus on my game like always. I hope to play like today and be consistent. That's all.

Q. Were you aware of Sloane's struggles since the US Open? She hasn't won a match since the US Open when she won in September. Were you thinking about that coming in to today?
CAMILA GIORGI: No, I didn't know. I didn't know about that. But I was not playing for three months, so I think it's almost -- I don't know.

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