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January 7, 2018

Henri Kontinen

John Peers

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


3-6, 6-3, 10-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. That's, I guess, a perfect start to the season. And I'm sure you've got some pretty good goals, but happy to start off where you left off last year?
JOHN PEERS: Yeah, definitely. I felt we got better and more comfortable out there as each match went on.

And then there wasn't much in today's match. We stuck a couple of points here in the first set, and then we sort of snuck out of my first service game in the second set. And then we just sort of got momentum going our way. And then actually played a really, really good tie-breaker at the end.

So a lot of fun to finish off the tournament that way.

Q. You guys have a pretty good partnership now, probably feel like you're getting better and better. Have you reached your peak, do you think, or is there still room for improvement as a team?
JOHN PEERS: I still think we've definitely got room for improvement. I mean, we're getting better and better at understanding each other and understanding our games and what we need to do.

And I think when we click it's really a lot of fun and entertaining for us. So hopefully we can try and find that rhythm and that form more often than not, and that's the challenge for us.

Q. Have you set a goal for the year? How many titles you want to win or what you want to do?
HENRI KONTINEN: No, nothing. Same as previous years. Just enjoy it. Hopefully win a lot but, yeah, at the end of the day, for me at least, I just enjoy playing, playing a lot.

Matches like this today, doesn't matter if it's a final of a 250 or a Slam or any other big event, or bigger on paper. I just enjoy the feeling of being out there. So hopefully we've got a lot of these matches coming up this year.

Q. Being the defending champions will be a nice thrill, I guess, going back to Melbourne. Are you looking forward to that?
HENRI KONTINEN: Yeah, it's always nice to go back to a place where you played well. It wasn't the case last year when I went there. I think I maybe won one match before that. So it's definitely a nicer feeling this year.

But starting from scratch. A lot of good pairs there, but hopefully we can play good tennis again and we'll see how far that gets us.

Q. And Davis Cup, is that a massive priority for you this year? How do you view the Australians, the campaign for the Australian team?
JOHN PEERS: Yeah, definitely. I mean, anytime you get to represent your country, I think it's a great honor.

And with the team and squad of guys we've got at the moment, I think we have a great chance. So all the guys are really looking forward it, and I know everyone is putting their hand up for it. So it's really going to be exciting.

And hopefully we can get everyone fit and everyone playing well at the Aussie Open leading into the time at Brisbane, because I know it will be a really good one.

Q. Winning a Davis Cup title, would that be the pinnacle for you or where would that rank?
HENRI KONTINEN: Oh, it would definitely be huge. I mean, anytime I've played for Australia, the atmosphere has been unbelievable.

I mean, playing away in Belgium was tough, and I know it's going to be tough anytime you're away. So anytime at home it's been great to have the home crowd support.

And I know it just brings a different sort of pressure. You're playing for your country. You're not just playing for yourself. You're playing for all the guys on the bench and it's everyone together.

So, yeah, it would be something great. And, yeah, all I can keep doing is trying to play the best tennis I can and keep putting my hand up.

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