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January 7, 2018

Dustin Johnson

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. You said you were in control all week. What a wonderful display. It has to feel great to start 2018 this way.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, it does. I played really well all week. I really felt like I drove it well. I put the new M4 driver in play this week and I drove it really straight. I don't think I ever hit one bad drive all week. So for me that was the big key this week, is driving. I drove it really well.

Q. Earlier this week on Wednesday you told the press that you think 9-, 10-win seasons are out there for somebody who can play like that. Is that the game you're talking about?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, if I can play like that every week, yeah, I'm going to win a lot of times.

Q. How key was it to be able to control those low wedges? We saw you hit them great all week. You leaned on it again today, just brilliant inside a hundred yards.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, well around here, for me, if I'm driving it well, I get a lot of wedge shots from the fairway. And so if I can hit some good shots with the wedges I'm going to play well. I don't think -- all my birdies were pretty close to the hole. I didn't make any. I don't think I made a putt outside 10 feet all week, so but I hit a lot of great shots in there so I didn't have to.

Q. You started the day, you hit the first tee with a two-shot advantage. By the time you made the turn that lead was six. What mentality did you bring to the golf course today that got you off to a great start and pretty much made it game over after the turn?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, I knew I was playing well and it's a golf course that I'm really comfortable on. And I felt like I've really been driving it well this week. I put the new M4 in last week, and I've really been driving it well. So I knew as long as I could keep doing that then I was going to play well.

After China, where I didn't -- I struggled a little bit on Sunday, I didn't want that to happen again. So even when I made the turn, I think I was at 20-under, I told myself my goal was to get it to 25. So I kind of just kept the pedal down making the turn and played really well going on the back side, too.

Q. You mentioned driving and we saw some phenomenal driving by you today, nearly aceing the par-4 12th hole. How confident are you with the driver in your hand now compared to the rest of your career?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, last year I drove it pretty well. I thought I was driving it pretty good. But with this new driver and new technology, we got the Twist Face in there. It's, I really, my misses are, they're not off line by, barely. So I got a lot of confidence in it. Even in all these crosswinds I felt like I got no worries about where the ball's going to go. It's going right where I'm looking every time and that's a good feeling for me.

Q. You mentioned China. You didn't end 2017 maybe the way that you wanted to, but you put some hard work in. And to come here and to dominate against a field of winners from 2017, what frame of mind does that put you in as you attack the rest of this year?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, in a good frame of mind. Obviously I got off to a great start, and I want to keep it going, so I still got a lot of work to do, I. Feel like I can still improve a lot with -- throughout the bag. And with the iron game, it wasn't as sharp as I would like it to be, but it's definitely, everything's going in the right direction.

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