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January 5, 2018

Aliaksandra Sasnovich

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A. SASNOVICH/A. Sevastova

7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was a very calm match it seemed that you played. Did you approach that match any differently than the ones that you played before here?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah, it was very good match, and I'm really happy to finish this match in two sets.

It was very close to Anastasija. We play same level, but I was a little bit like her today. And I use all my chances today as well. I was good serve, like, good play from the baseline. I'm happy with my win today.

Q. You had another medical time-out at the end of first set. Was that just to get the strapping redone?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah. It's helped me, yeah. I just change -- yeah, from like some -- took some pills, but not doping, of course.

Q. How are you feeling physically? It's been a very long week, a lot of tough matches. I mean, going into the final, how do you feel?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: I feel good, yeah. It was good week for me. I just need to go to relax a little, to eat something, you know, and prepare for tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm feeling very good.

Q. How does it feel to make your first premier level final?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah, I already said that in the beginning of the tournament I couldn't even imagine that I will be in the final.

So it's good for me, good for our country, good for all of the people who support me. Like, without them, it was not possible, you know.

My dad arrived. He helped me a lot. He always with me when it's tough situation, when it's good. He's always near me and he help me so much.

Q. Did you know that no qualifier has done what you have done and made the final? This is the first time?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah, I heard about it. But yeah, it's nice to be first.

Q. And none has obviously won the final. Does that matter that history? Does that motivate you?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah, it's motivated me. But the tournament, it's tomorrow the final and, of course, title. It's not same like finalist, you know. The title is forever. But finalist maybe some people forgot him, but the winner, no one.

Q. You were 11 and 0 in ITF finals in your career. You have one WTA final before. What makes you like finals so much? The numbers say you're very good at them.
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah, almost all final that I played I won them, yeah, I think.

And tomorrow I try to do my best, you know. I just will be fight till the end. I'm going to try to show my best tennis.

Q. What will it be like playing eight matches in nine days? That's a lot.
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: I don't think about it. I have a good physical. I work very hard in preseason, so I'm ready, ready for it, yeah.

Q. You had similar pain in your leg when you won a tournament a couple of years back. Is that an indication that you know how to handle injuries?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: You know, when you pass this feeling when you feel hurt, you know, you need to step. You need to, like, to say for yourself you more concentrate on the match, you know.

You understand that you can't do something and you -- for example, you serve really good. You, like, you use everything what you need. Even, for example, if I didn't play before like this without injury, now I use everything, you know. I try not to miss too much, to serve where I want, to be more concentrate, to use all my chance.

Q. So what do you think in terms of getting an opportunity to either play Pliskova or Svitolina?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: It doesn't matter for me who win. They play today too late, I think at 9:00 in the evening until 11:00. When they go to sleep, yeah, it's going to be late. But tomorrow we play at 7:00, so they have time to recover.

But it doesn't matter for me. Pliskova good serve, good baseline. Svitolina, yeah, as well a really good player. They are top 10 players. What can I say? I'm just 88, you know, so I have nothing to lose. It's my first final. No pressure on me.

Q. You'll have a career-high ranking after this tournament. That's a big boost to start the year for you.
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: Yeah, it's good. I really like to start the season like this.

But final, it's not enough for me. We'll see tomorrow, yeah, but I'm happy with my result. From quallie, final, yeah.

Q. Did you set a goal for this year?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: I have my own goal inside me. I'm not talking about my goals. Just secret, you know. Just want to show the people my tennis, to show results. And, yeah, don't want to talk too much.

Q. What is it like sort of seeing a new crowd? The people in Brisbane didn't really know you before this week.
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: It's really nice. Today when we have breakfast, some people came to me and say, Oh, I saw your match today. It was a good match.

Like, in my country, not all people -- like, they didn't watch tennis like in Australia. In Australia, all the bars, restaurants, buffet, everywhere they watch tennis and it's nice. So on TV or like everywhere.

So it's really nice, you know, when people know you. It's nice. And I want to progress, of course, and to show good tennis tomorrow for people, for Australian people as well.

Q. How did you find this French restaurant that you've been going to?
ALIAKSANDRA SASNOVICH: I don't know. It's just open two weeks ago. And I just come and like people there. They speak French. I lived in France for six months in Lyon when I was young. So maybe of this.

And they have the food, risotto with mushrooms every day. My dad say, So, Sasha, are you going to eat today same food or you want to eat here? No, of course I will go to eat in French restaurant. Pop, you can stay home, I will go.

You know, it's something like -- tennis players are crazy about it, you know, about luck.

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