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January 4, 2018

Si Woo Kim

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. Pretty good start. You must be pretty happy.
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, it's a new year, new first round. Everything is feeling good and then I finished good and I'm really happy now.

Q. Did you expect -- was your game in a place you felt like you could start this way?
SI WOO KIM: I didn't expect much because I had one month off and then coming back last week. But everything does feel better than last year, my head is all clean. I think it's better than the last three rounds I played last year.

Q. What did you do in that month off?
SI WOO KIM: Just met friends, ate a lot of food, getting fat.


Q. What did you do to clear your mind? You said your mind is clear and ready to go. What did you do to do that?
SI WOO KIM: Just not grab a club and nothing much with golf. Just fun with my friends, that's it.

Q. When you look at your record from THE PLAYERS Championship to this week, the really good weeks and some weeks that are off, is consistency something that you want to work on this year to maybe try to improve? Is that one of your goals?
SI WOO KIM: Just last year, two years ago, I came here before with two months off with nothing to do. But this year I'm just trying to do a little workout like with balance and footwork and eating more healthy. I think that's good.

Q. How was the wind?
SI WOO KIM: The wind's pretty hard, blowing hard. But this golf course is always windy, but it's not narrow, it's wide. The short game is really important.

Q. How do you feel in the wind? Obviously, you played well today, you don't mind it when it gets windy?
SI WOO KIM: I don't mind that because every shot felt good and the ball went straight.

Q. How much of an adjustment with the new equipment and how long did it take you to sort of get adjusted or are you still getting adjusted?
SI WOO KIM: They gave me new equipment like three weeks ago, but I just came here for first round last Saturday and everything has been good for me. The ball change is a big difference, but better for me. It's softer, greenside is easier, it has more spin for me.

Q. You didn't do much testing with the equipment before that?
SI WOO KIM: Not much. They just sent me the stuff and I got it here first Saturday. First Saturday and Sunday and just hit it and then little, I feel like the 3-wood and 5-wood are a little spinney and then Johnny came to the range and fixed it and now it's a bullet.

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