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January 2, 2018

Jan-Lennard Struff

Doha, Qatar

J. STRUFF/T. Berdych

6-4, 1-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: First question over here.

Q. Well, that's a nice way to start the year. Talk a little about the match. It seemed to really go your way in the tiebreaker.
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: Yeah, thank you. Yeah, pretty tough match. Very close. I knew -- I know Tomas, he beat me in French Open. So I knew what to expect in the game.

My coach and me were thinking about some tactics like playing aggressive, playing with passion. Yeah, it was great. Even though he killed me the second, I managed to stay in the third in the beginning, even to get a break up after the loss break. I played very aggressive in the tiebreaker and I was very happy after that one.

Q. What was going through your mind when Tomas came back very strong in the second set? You lost the set 6-1. How did you get back into it in the third set? When you are playing a top player, a lot of time some of the players tend to lose hope. How did you stay strong?
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: I knew the first games of the third set is going to be very important. If he breaks me there, he won 6-1 and it's going to be very tough to come back into the match. So it was very important to hold two service games with Love-30. So it was -- yeah, I was trying mentally to focus on every point. Try to get this point and I managed it in the end.

Q. Just your targets for the season, can you look back on how 2017 went and what are the targets here set for this year?
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: I mean, 2017 was the best season so far for me of my career. I played all the ATP tour tournaments. Before I was a bit pending between Challenges and ATP. Last year was a first season completely on ATP Tour. I played two or three Challenges in between. Yeah, I'm trying to stay -- I want to play these big tournaments this season again and improve my high ranking from 46 to 44. But I hope that's not the last step.

Q. What ranking target do you have?
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: I discussed it with my team a bit. We didn't set a target like for ranking. But I have something in my mind, but I want to keep it quiet for me, like what I want to achieve. My team and me, we're going to work for that.

Q. Boris Becker has an official role now with the German Tennis Federation. Can you address that? Is he helpful to you personally or what do you think he could bring to the table to German tennis?
JAN-LENNARD STRUFF: It's great that Boris is there. For sure, if you have the chance to speak with one of the players like him, No. 1 in the world, a Grand Slam champion, he has so many tips for you.

During the Davis Cup match tie in Portugal, he was there and helped us with the team. Yeah, it's great that he is here for us. And yeah, it's great. He told us we can ask him everything, if we need something. So that was really good help.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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