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January 2, 2018

Garbiñe Muguruza

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A. KRUNIC/G. Muguruza

5-7, 7-6, 1-2 [Ret]

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were saying that you were not feeling well during the match. Just when did you start feeling badly and when did you know that you were in trouble physically?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: I felt in trouble in the second set when I was 2-0 up. I start to feel my calves were cramping. And I continued to think that with the match they might go away, and then they were increasing, increasing. And then I had a lot of part of my body cramping.

Q. Did you want to stop earlier? When you were talking to Sam, you were telling him that you weren't feeling well and he was telling you to keep going. Had you thought before the end that you would stop?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: No. I was just sharing with my coach, you know, that my legs were feeling a little bit crampy.

And I guess that it's warm. It was a very tough match and, you know, I was just sharing with him that. I never thought to retire until I couldn't play.

Q. Do you chalk it up to conditions or, I mean, how were you feeling physically when you were practicing here? I know the conditions in Brisbane are very different than California.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: They are very different. I felt a little bit on the warmup already that I was feeling very, like, heavy. But I think it was just the toughness of the match. And, you know, a lot of good rallies, very intense. Very hot, humidity, and I don't know.

I don't really cramp a lot, so I'm actually surprised that today all my body was like that.

Q. It's been a tough place for you. Fourth year in a row that you've had to pull out.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Yeah, I cannot believe it. Yeah, I don't know. It's a shame because I always come here excited the first tournament, and this one was bad luck, I guess. Yeah.

Q. Had you ever had anything like that before?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: I've had -- normally, I cramp very few times, but I do remember that the last time I cramp was actually Melbourne. Maybe it's the hot. Maybe it's the condition. I don't know, but it's not very often in me.

Q. I know it's probably too early to talk about it, but when I saw the schedule for the first half of the year that you published on your website, I didn't see the Fed Cup. Is that a sign that you won't play against Italy or you still have to decide about it?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: No. We just don't put it because we showed the WTA calendar. This is something that I have to still talk among the team now in Melbourne, and I don't for now.

Q. In the first set, though, I mean, you had a tough set. How much would you rate it? Were you pleased with your level, I guess, in your first matchup until that second set?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: I'm pleased because we were playing very good points and, you know, good rallies. She was playing very good. I was surprised with her level, and especially when she was a little bit down, she was coming back very strong.

And, you know, I had some opportunities that I didn't turn it and, you know, it was just a tough match. And I felt, you know, good level, good match, but I wanted to finish to see -- to evaluate how was the match, but I'm happy with the way I was playing.

Q. What is your plan now ahead of Melbourne once you get yourself feeling okay again?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Honestly, I have no idea yet. I didn't expect to, you know, to not continue here.

But I think I'm going to evaluate what options do I have now, maybe play a little bit more. Maybe just go right away to Melbourne. But, you know, this afternoon I'm sure we will talk.

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