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December 30, 2017

Matt Loeffller

Miami Gardens, Florida

Q. So Coach Richt, wondering what happened to warrant the penalty that he received.
MATT LOEFFLER: Yeah, it was an unsportsmanlike conduct foul. When he came out onto the field to argue the call, and with our new interpretation on -- with the rules the way we handle coaches now when they come out onto the field to argue a call, then it's pretty much an immediate flag.

Q. Grabbing Gus on the arm, was that a factor --
MATT LOEFFLER: That was not a factor whatsoever.

Q. He had actually drawn the penalty before that happened, I guess?
MATT LOEFFLER: Yes, yes, exactly, yeah. And now had he gotten another unsportsmanlike as I told him during the rest of the game, he would have been ejected for another unsportsmanlike, but we went back to the sideline, and it was over.

Q. Would you foresee that he would be subject to further penalty or punishment, or would you have a recommendation on that?
MATT LOEFFLER: No recommendation. I'm not quite sure how that works with the bowls or teams or anything like that.

Q. And as far as we can tell, he was upset about a lack of -- perceived lack of holding calls is what he was saying. Would you like to address that?
MATT LOEFFLER: Exactly, yeah, he was upset with a no-call on a hold.

Q. Would you like to address his complaint?
MATT LOEFFLER: No, no, not at all.

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