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December 30, 2017

Nick Chubb

Pasadena, California

Q. You've got a big game, so you've got to be ready to go coming up Monday Monday, you have a chance to break down Oklahoma and watch the film. What stands out about the Oklahoma defense?
NICK CHUBB: They are very fast team, very athletic. They play hard. They are a great team.

Q. Looking at your coach, Kirby Smart, he comes in here, what has he done to elevate the team?
NICK CHUBB: He brings a lot of intensity every day.

Q. Ready for Monday?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, excited.

Q. How does it feel taking a few weeks off and then coming into the Bowl? Is it too much rest or not enough?
NICK CHUBB: I'd say about two weeks relaxing and not practicing, physical contact it definitely let's you recover.

Q. How do you feel?
NICK CHUBB: I feel good.

Q. So how was the Beef Bowl?
NICK CHUBB: It was good. It was some good food.

Q. Have you ever had Lawry's?
NICK CHUBB: I never have.

Q. Have you ever been to California before?
NICK CHUBB: I have family out here, so I visited once or twice.

Q. Do you ever talk to him about --
NICK CHUBB: We played different positions.

Q. But still, it's football, kind of seem like, oh, you might be doing this --
NICK CHUBB: I only live by the defensive line.

Q. How has Kirby Smart impacted the program in his two years here?
NICK CHUBB: I mean, he just brought a different mindset, different change. Everyone has bought into his system and the way that he coaches and obviously it worked. It's paid off for us because we're playing in the Rose Bowl so we're definitely appreciative of him coming in.

Q. What changes did he make?
NICK CHUBB: Just the mindset of guys, probably want to go practice more and wanting to work out and get the extra work in and changing our mindset how we approach the day.

Q. Were things tougher, longer practice, more intense workout some what's that look like?
NICK CHUBB: I think for the most part guys go out there and giving extra effort. It's the same practice and workouts, but the mindset we actually want to go work out and give it our all and get better.

Q. How does he motivate you guys to do that?
NICK CHUBB: He just allows us to keep our eyes on the prize. The main thing is the main thing and we all know that. We know what we're working for.

Q. You're known for humility and not talking about what you've achieved, but do you get reflective about what your career has meant?
NICK CHUBB: Every now and then I do.

Q. Is it dangerous to think like that? Does it not help you to start contemplating all the backs you rank with?
NICK CHUBB: I guess I know my time is almost up so I'll have time to think about what I've accomplished and done. I'm still enjoying my time here and looking forward to the last couple games.

Q. Time to reflect at some point?
NICK CHUBB: Maybe some point.

Q. Looking forward to the next thing, you don't look back at all?
NICK CHUBB: Oh, yeah, definitely, definitely. That's kind of why I came back. I had too much regrets. Hopefully now when I'm done, I won't be able to look back and say, I wish I would have done that.

Q. What regrets did you have last year?
NICK CHUBB: Just unsatisfied.

Q. As a team?
NICK CHUBB: Pretty much as a team. Coming here as a kid you have big dreams to win a lot of games, championships, and I done pretty much everything but that. So I know coming back we had a greater chance to win a championship. We've won so far but we have many to go.

Q. What was the biggest moment --
NICK CHUBB: Right after the last regular-season game, we played Georgia Tech and like a week later it kind of hit me that there's more here I wanted to accomplish.

Q. Will you allow yourself to think about the next step?
NICK CHUBB: Not really. We've definitely got to win this game, so this game is our main focus. But we also know what could be and what's possible to happen, too. But this game is the main focus. We have to win this game before we can think about that one.

Q. What about the running backs --
NICK CHUBB: I missed the first part.

Q. How do you see the want to bring away --
NICK CHUBB: You definitely see it in some games. You see it in some games. Definitely fourth quarter. We have like a lot of running backs like four or five running for the ball. It definitely gets a little easier for you in the fourth quarter.

Q. What teams have stood out in this season in the SEC?
NICK CHUBB: There's a lot of great teams in the SEC. That's hard to see. All the teams we play are pretty good. This year we've had a lot of success, so probably the Auburn game, first time we played them.

Q. What's it been like going through the whole process?
NICK CHUBB: It's definitely been fun. We've been enjoying the city and all that comes with the Rose Bowl but at the same time knowing we're here for a game.

Q. How did you like the Guardians of the Galaxy ride?
NICK CHUBB: I didn't like it too much.

Q. And overall when you look defensively, what have you seen watching tape?
NICK CHUBB: A lot of speed. Very physical group, and they play fast. They play hard. They play for each other. It will definitely be a challenge.

Q. Your quarterback, a true freshman, Jake Fromm, what's it been like seeing him progress?
NICK CHUBB: He's been the same I think from the beginning of the season till now. Still doing a great job. Making all the checks, making all the right plays and definitely being a great leader for us.

Q. And obviously there's another game beyond, but is the focus on this game?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, it's all on the Rose Bowl.

Q. When I was a senior you were a freshman, and I can't believe now you're still here playing. Pretty cool. Can I ask you a couple of funny, fun questions? Can you do your best Coach Smart impression?
NICK CHUBB: No, I can't.

Q. Who is a better rapper on the team?
NICK CHUBB: A lot of guys that rap actually. Probably better than me, Dom Sanders is pretty good.

Q. What else do you like to do --
NICK CHUBB: Just like to chill in the environment, listen to music.

Q. What's your favorite part about thunder and lightning?
NICK CHUBB: I don't know.

Q. The nickname.
NICK CHUBB: It shows that he's fast, more than a power guy.

Q. What's your favorite emoji.
NICK CHUBB: Laughing.

Q. Do you use it the most?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, I definitely use it more than anything. I like to laugh a lot.

Q. What is your New Year's resolution?
NICK CHUBB: I haven't even made one yet. I'm not sure.

Q. Win a National Championship?
NICK CHUBB: That'd be nice.

Q. What makes Coach Smart smile?
NICK CHUBB: Physical practice.

Q. What's been the best day of practice recently?
NICK CHUBB: We had a couple good days. Definitely the guys are practicing hard and practicing fast. So that's been a good couple days.

Q. How difficult is it balancing all the fun stuff this week and still maintaining that game face?
NICK CHUBB: Just keeping the main thing the main thing, having fun but at the same time understanding we have a game, a big game coming up and we kind of keep that the main focus and not worry about anything else.

Q. How do you make sure your teammates --
NICK CHUBB: I mean, I don't know, we just all have the mindset. I know those guys aren't really worried about anything else but the game.

Q. Is this when you envisioned when you came back?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, I definitely hoped for it and worked for it. Definitely wanted to come back and play on a big stage like this and a big game that means a lot. Definitely what me and the other guys came back for.

Q. What does it mean to be put in the same conversation with the Marshall Faulkner?
NICK CHUBB: It's an honor, he's a Georgia great. It's a blessing.

Q. Did you think you would get here this quickly with a new coach?
NICK CHUBB: I mean, you want to be here every year. I hope so.

Q. What about the three running backs, are you all different, injure styles, the way you play?
NICK CHUBB: In certain ways. We're the same in certain ways, too, though.

Q. What do you see from OU up front? What do you see from the D-Line?
NICK CHUBB: They are big, physical and fast. They play hard. They run to the ball. They do everything right. They are a great team.

Q. When you have a freshman quarterback, how important is it to be able to have a solid running game to kind of relieve any pressure that they may try and rattle him with?
NICK CHUBB: I mean, he does a great job no matter what. We do want to run the ball a lot and when we throw the ball, we know he's going to make the right pass and Ridley's going to make a great catch for us. All works together.

Q. Do you go into a game thinking you need to pile up a lot of points to win?
NICK CHUBB: Every game is different. We want to do whatever it takes to win the game. We hope to score a lot of points. If not, just have more points than the other team.

Q. Inaudible.
NICK CHUBB: Haven't heard anything about that. We had time off back home, like two weeks after our last game, but now we're just doing what we do. We're practicing, doing things right and preparing for the game.

Q. What's the key for this offense?
NICK CHUBB: Execution. Do what we do.

Q. What's your impression from the defense?
NICK CHUBB: They are big, physical. Everybody fast. They play hard.

Q. As far as the run game goes, the running game steals the headlines, but talk about what Jake Fromm can do in the pass game.
NICK CHUBB: He makes good passes.

Q. Have you seen development from him over this time off?
NICK CHUBB: He's done a great job all year. Definitely mentally he's done more things. He's had a chance to watch more film and break down their defense. Hopefully he'll be ready.

Q. What is it like having all of you guys together and being able to work together?
NICK CHUBB: It's great. It's definitely a lot of fun, playing with other running backs and everybody getting a little share of the load and everyone out there having fun and playing hard. It's definitely made this year special.

Q. What has is that like as a running back, watching film and working together?
NICK CHUBB: It's fun, get to hang out -- get to hang out with those guys and teach them and play with them. It's definitely been an experience.

Q. You've been through it all and you got your name in the record becomes in the SEC. What's it been like for you to go through that?
NICK CHUBB: It's been a great journey from way back when to now, seen a lot of changes and come a long ways. Definitely paid off and now just happy to be here.

Q. What have you learned on that journey?
NICK CHUBB: Just learned through all the adversity, the ups and downs, keep pushing, eventually things will pay off and they are starting to now.

Q. When you step back, it's a little difficult right now, but when you take a step back and look at what you've done to get to this point, what is the one thing you're focusing on where you realize maybe that --
NICK CHUBB: That's a tough question. I don't know. Working hard every day.

Q. Is any extra emotion coming into this game?
NICK CHUBB: No, take it like every other game.

Q. This class of seniors, what does it mean to be here with them and get ready for this game?
NICK CHUBB: It means a lot. Us four guys came back for this reason right here, we hoped for it and worked for it. It's a blessing to be here and we're soaking up everything about it.

Q. With the history of the running backs -- have you talked to some of them about their experiences?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, I talked to some of them and they missed the game, they missed playing for Georgia. That's what I take from it, just take advantage of these moments because it will be gone soon.

Q. Do you ever have moments where you look at your legacy --
NICK CHUBB: Not really. I mean --

Q. The expectations you have for yourself?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, kind of not really thinking about it. Just kind of getting ready for the games and all.

Q. Is there a moment when it hits you?
NICK CHUBB: Maybe when I'm older.

Q. How do you feel about your teammate, Reggie Carter?
NICK CHUBB: Reggie Carter, he's a good guy, definitely somebody I look up to. Had an opportunity to play with him a couple years. That's my boy.

Q. Is this similar to Georgia?
NICK CHUBB: Are you from Cali? You ever been to Georgia? Whenever you think of Georgia, like the seasons, it's exactly what you get. So summer is really hot and winter is really cold. But like here it's December and it's like.

Q. 70.
NICK CHUBB: That's weird.

Q. Did you know much about him before he signed --
NICK CHUBB: Not really. I never met him before but I knew he was obviously committed to Georgia, from Florida to Miami, so that's pretty much it.

Q. Doesn't seem like it happens, you guys knowing each other?
NICK CHUBB: Recruiting has definitely changed. It's all a big show now but back then, me and him, we didn't know each other, just kind of happened.

Q. Were you watching -- did you get the sense that you all were sort of sizing each other up?
NICK CHUBB: I wanted to see what he was about, how good he really was and it turns out he's definitely great. It's a great opportunity to go out there and play with him and keep playing with him now.

Q. If you're talking to -- what would you tell them about the benefit -- maybe there's a time you wanted to play -- but better to share?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, definitely, over the long one, better to share, because you go out there, it takes a toll on your body, playing in the SEC every game, getting a lot of carries, but you have another guy that's probably just as good as you to carry the load which makes it more fun.

Q. Yesterday somebody said you didn't even want to have that conversation -- but is it like, did you see -- last year, playing a Bowl game, and now all of a sudden a year later you're playing in the Rose Bowl.
NICK CHUBB: That's kind of hard to answer. I know we definitely worked harder and did some things different to get here. But TCU game last year, they are a good team. Feel like we kind of found our identity in that game, running the ball and playing great defense.

Q. In that game?
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, I think so.

Q. I'm not a hip-hop guy but -- who on the team was most excited to see him on the sideline representing you guys?
NICK CHUBB: The whole team was.

Q. Why does he connect so much --
NICK CHUBB: He's from Georgia. He's from the area. He made great music. We all listen to his music. We all like his music. Some guys, I talk to on social media, because we have some guys that make music, too, so they just linked up, made a connection and next thing you know, he's at our game.

Q. Kendricks (ph) in the title game -- if you have to pick somebody for a half-time show, who do you pick?
NICK CHUBB: I like Kendricks (ph).

Q. Inaudible.
NICK CHUBB: It feels good. He gets some time off to recover your body but after that he get back in, knock all the rust off and just keep practicing.

Q. Does Oklahoma look similar --
NICK CHUBB: Look just about as good as any of them I'd say. They are big, physical and fast and play hard, as an SEC defendants, also, they match up pretty well against everyone we play.

Q. What's it like to have tandem running backs like you guys to have that camaraderie?
NICK CHUBB: It's good, going out there, sharing the load with your friends. Makes it more fun.

Q. On the field, though, how does that make you guys so dangerous? How does it help a freshman quarterback?
NICK CHUBB: We're all fresh and a new running back comes in, he's fresh, fresh legs, can run the ball hard and makes everything a lot easier.

Q. Are you ready for the game?
NICK CHUBB: I'm ready for it. All this type stuff, I don't really get into it. I'd rather go out and play the game.

Q. When you look at Oklahoma --
NICK CHUBB: Fast, physical, they play hard. All that stuff.

Q. Do you feel like they are underrated?
NICK CHUBB: I mean, I don't know. They look good to me. I don't know what people are saying.

Q. What about off the field, what's it like --
NICK CHUBB: He's a great quarterback. Obviously he won a Heisman so he's been playing great ball this year. Definitely be a challenge for us.

Q. He's sick right now, kind of dealing with things. He didn't show up at the start of this and then he saw on television, people were all focused on that, he decided to come. What do you think about if you were to have to overcome being sick on of all weeks, the Rose Bowl, what would that be like?
NICK CHUBB: Oh, man, I don't know.

Q. Where do you see yourself --
NICK CHUBB: I don't know. I'm not sure. I don't look that far.

Q. What's it been like --
NICK CHUBB: Relaxing, hanging out with friends, kicking back.

Q. Were you really as embarrassed as you look on that ride?
NICK CHUBB: It was funny. He's probably embarrassed about it but it was funny to me.

Q. How did your stomach feel?
NICK CHUBB: Almost came out of my mind it felt like, free falling. It was scary.

Q. Can you put into words these four years?
NICK CHUBB: It's a blessing. Honored to come out here with a great school and play with all my friends. I've enjoyed my four years here.

Q. How are you feeling?
NICK CHUBB: Feeling good.

Q. How is the excitement level, is it increasing as you get closer and closer to the Rose Bowl Day?
NICK CHUBB: You can feel it coming. Days are flying by, leading up to the big game. Our team is excited. I'm sure everyone is excited about it. We're looking forward to going out there and playing.

Q. What's the signature you want to leave on the game -- three touchdowns, four?
NICK CHUBB: I'm not ready to talk about what I want to achieve or something like that. I just want to go out there can do it. Whatever happens, I'll be happy as long as we win the game.

Q. Who has been the biggest inspiration to you?
NICK CHUBB: In what aspect?

Q. Person, family, or what athlete inspired you?
NICK CHUBB: I'm not really sure. I like a couple different running backs. I used to like Ricky Williams growing up.

Q. Can you talk about Chubb City?
NICK CHUBB: Chubb Town. Talk about it? It's a town my family founded way back when. A lot of history in it. Definitely amazing story.

Seeing those guys come from nothing, start from scratch and build a city definitely allows me to know to have no excuses and to give it my all, too.

Q. Inaudible.
NICK CHUBB: Not sure, I take it day-by-day.

Q. Who has inspired you to be great as you are?
NICK CHUBB: Probably my mom, my family, growing up with my brother, my sister, my mom, kind of inspired me to work.

Q. Isaiah told me you got the best Coach Smart impression.
NICK CHUBB: He lied.

Q. He said you're the best on the team.
NICK CHUBB: He lies.

Q. What can you tell me about him?
NICK CHUBB: He has a nickname for Coach Chaney. He won't say it.

Q. I think he sent me on a wild-goose chase.
NICK CHUBB: Yeah, he did.

Q. I'm not going to ask you football-related questions. Can I give you this mic? I want you to share any highlights you've had, any New Year's resolutions and any shout outs you want to give to the fans, and someone who has shaped you and brought you to today.
NICK CHUBB: You want me to go question by question?

Q. No, this is you.
NICK CHUBB: I forgot all you said.

Q. What have been some highlights for you in the Rose Bowl, not football related, just being out here in Southern California?
NICK CHUBB: Just coming out here to L.A. has definitely been a highlight. It's a nice city, nice weather and it's just fun. We've done a couple things, went to Disneyland, went to Lawry's Prime Rib, just all the things was amazing. It's a blessing to be out here and enjoy time with my team.

Q. Do you do any New Year's resolutions?
NICK CHUBB: I haven't thought about it. Just focused on the game. Just be a better person, relax more, take it day-by-day and see what happens. As a team, become better and hopefully we can be playing next year in a new year and next weekend hopefully.

Q. Any shout-outs to family and friends and is there anyone in particular that really mentored you to help get you to the point where you're at right now?
NICK CHUBB: Friends and family back home, definitely Cedartown where I'm from. That town made me who I am. My mom, my grandmother, my high school coaches, they definitely helped me get here. Just appreciative of everyone.

Q. What is your favorite animal?
NICK CHUBB: Red panda.

Q. Why is that?
NICK CHUBB: They are cute.

Q. What is your favorite color?

Q. Why not pink?
NICK CHUBB: I like blue.

Q. What's your favorite ride?
NICK CHUBB: Space Mountain.

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