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August 21, 2005

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Two 68s is good. I need that for World points. I missed out last week, but two 68s is good. My hand is fine. 2 under around here is a good effort. You come in here 24th in the world and you're finishing 12th right now, so that's a good effort. I'm glad about that. I've got two weeks where I've got corporate work to do and then you come back for German Masters, ready to go again, six weeks in a row, and I putted well, as well. That's the best putting tournament I've had in America for about ten years.

Q. Phil Mickelson said your short game is impeccable.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, if Phil Mickelson says that, we are really having fun. That's okay, I'm doing okay, and I've gained a few world points and that will be super. I've got two weeks off, All Star Cup down in Celtic Manor and corporate stuff to do, and I've got all this stuff to do and now I'm back to German Masters for six weeks in a row ending in Madrid. I play Madrid, as well, so I'm looking forward to that run.

Q. The corporate stuff, are you able to recharge the batteries?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, I am. It's a lot coming up. I've got a lot of work coming up and I've got to keep busy. I said to the guy at the start, I've got to keep as busy as I possibly can. Keep me busy. I don't want to be in my apartment. Get me out, I've got to keep busy. Now he's got me too busy, but I asked him to.

Q. Are you able to relax, though?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I'll be able to relax and do something. I'll be able to gain a spot this week, which is great. It's World points, it's not money, it's World points, I need that.

Q. By the end of the year

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, that's my goal.

End of FastScripts.

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