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December 27, 2017

Beau Benzschawel

Miami Gardens, Florida

Q. When you look back at the Ohio State tape, what kind of stands out?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: I don't know, probably just not getting enough movement and guys not staying on blocks long enough probably is the biggest thing. Yeah, because guys were falling off of blocks late, making some plays that if they didn't, they probably would have been big runs or big hits. I think that was definitely something that hurt us in that game.

Q. Do you think Miami's front compares pretty well to Miami's as far as speed and aggressiveness?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: Yeah, definitely. I think they're athletically very similar, but yeah, I think they've got pretty similar players, just how they play, kind of how their defense works, too. They've got twitchy defensive linemen just like Ohio State had and good backers, too. So it should be another grudge match in the trenches for sure.

Q. Do you feel like after having played Ohio State that that better prepares you for this Miami defense?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: Yeah, definitely. I think the biggest difference is kind of like the speed of practice against the outs versus like game speed versus like defensive linemen that are faster than anybody you've ever faced. I think we kind of realized that after the Big Ten Championship, and we're doing the best that we can to kind of speed up those looks from the defensive scouts all week to try to prime us for the game.

Q. Sort of that old adage of bowl games is whoever wants to be there most usually wins. You guys being a win away from making the playoffs, what would you say to somebody who thinks that Wisconsin doesn't want to be here?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: We definitely want to be here. The weather is nice, so we definitely want to be here. No, obviously the Orange Bowl is a very prestigious bowl, so obviously it means a lot to be here. But yeah, I think the biggest thing for us is sending the seniors out on the right note. Getting those guys a win is the biggest thing for us. So yeah, this whole week is dedicated to the preparation that goes into that and also having fun when we can, too.

Q. How imperative in a game like this to win the line of scrimmage?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: It's huge. It's everything. Not only just to control the game but to send a message of what kind of game it is and the kind of -- just kind of show what kind of game it's going to be to see if they want to hang around. But yeah, it's going to be a fist fight like it was just for us. So yeah, if we kind of prove ourselves early, I think it's going to help us out throughout the whole game.

Q. I saw something a few days ago comparing Troy to Rob Gronkowski.

Q. Do you think he -- how good do you think he can be at the next level? I know he's a different position and everything, but from what you've seen --
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: Yeah, he's a stud, obviously. So I think the sky's the limit for him no matter what. I think he's going to have great success in the NFL. But yeah, I think he definitely can be someone like Gronk just because of how good his hands are, first off, but also how hard he works in blocking, too, and how important it is to him. And I think if he can keep that up and whatever, still have that same love for not only catching passes and touchdowns but blocking, too, I think he'll have a great career just like Gronk is.

Q. How much do you guys work on the run game before you started the pass game?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: I don't know, it was spring ball, and I just remember running runs for like -- I don't know, it felt like the first three spring practices, just straight runs, like no passes whatsoever. But yeah, I don't know. I can't remember.

Q. T.J., I guess you have to block him sometimes in practice; how good has he gotten? I know he started as a redshirt freshman, but the progress he's made the last couple years?
BEAU BENZSCHAWEL: Yeah, T.J. is always over at our has. We're good buds. T.J. is another stud, obviously. But I think the biggest thing about T.J. is like if you don't -- you might not be able to see it on film, but T.J. can lay the hits, man. You just kind of call it being T.J. because like in practice -- well, first thing we figured out was freshman year, where obviously I was a lot lighter than I am now, but we didn't really know about T.J., we're thinking he's a quarterback coming out from high school. We didn't really think whatever. I found out the hard way, I think Deiter might have, too, and then just every scout team player imaginable. Just coming around pulling, and then you're not seeing him, and boom, just clean your clock, wipe you off your feet, too, pick you up. It's unreal. He's not insanely weight room strong, either, but I don't know, just the way he can hit, it'll leave a mark, that's for sure.

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