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December 22, 2017

John Bonamego

Joe Ostman

Tyler Conklin

Boise, Idaho

Wyoming - 37, Central Michigan - 14

JOHN BONAMEGO: Obviously very disappointed with the outcome of the game, how our team performed today. I don't feel that today's performance was indicative of the type of team that we have.

The storyline obviously is the eight turnovers. One of them directly resulted in a touchdown. You're not going to win many football games at any level against any decent opponent turning the ball over that many times.

To be minus eight in the score, even being a three-score game, says a lot about our defense, how they played. We kept putting them in bad position, especially early in the game.

Penalties hurt us. We just played a very sloppy game today, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. As I said earlier, you're not going to win that many games when you turn it over that many times.

Q. Can you point to anything in particular about the turnovers? Was it the pass-rush?
JOHN BONAMEGO: I thought pass-rush contributed to it certainly. A couple times, a couple bang-bang plays where the ball came out. There were some poor decisions on some throws, some errant throws.

Again, it's hard watching the game unfold, to pinpoint exactly what it is. When you go back and watch the game, you look and try to see what the quarterback was thinking. Was it miscommunication, misread of coverage, something they did.

Obviously it's very poor on our part.

Q. Joe, what did you see out there today, particularly from their quarterback? Hit you pretty hard early on, made some good throws. They put you guys back on your heels.
JOE OSTMAN: They played well. Their quarterback, he's a great player. He made plays. Their defense created turnovers. I think we left opportunities on the field.

But I'll give them the credit. Yeah, that's it.

Q. Tyler, how about for you, their defense, getting it going early was a little bit difficult. How difficult was it? Sum up how the game went from an offensive perspective.
TYLER CONKLIN: They have a great defense. They did a good job. We didn't do what we're supposed to be doing. We didn't make the plays we should have made. That's our fault.

Hats off to them. They played well. They have a good defense. They fly around. They hit. It was a good job by them. We got to be better.

Q. Coach, can you comment on the season. Eight wins, which is the most wins in a number of years for Central Michigan.
JOHN BONAMEGO: Yeah, that was the message that I just gave these guys inside. It's a little bit difficult to absorb it right now, just coming off the field after suffering a loss like that. I think we try to keep things in perspective. There were some things we accomplished this year which were significant.

Obviously, eight wins, you know, these guys have done a good job all year leading. I hurt for them, the senior class, going out this way. But it doesn't take away from a lot of the positives that they did, a lot of the positive things they accomplished this year.

As a program, we have to continue to push forward. We wouldn't be satisfied with eight wins. We're not satisfied with nine wins. Our goal each year ties win our conference, win the MAC West, win the MAC championship. That's what the standard is. That's what we want to measure up to. That's what we're going to work towards each day.

I think this group of seniors really pushed the bar higher, has set a great example for our underclassmen to live up to just in terms of how they led. That's significant. I appreciate them for that. We'll get back to work here right after break on the 2018 season.

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