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September 1, 1999

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. Do you think that marriage next year is going to influence you to change your scheduling, maybe slow down the number of tournaments you play?


Q. I was told you were engaged to be married next year.

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: Yeah. But I will go to continue play. I mean, I slow down already this year, you know, some tournaments. Next year it will be probably the same. Has nothing to do. It's in the middle, the summer. I have plenty of time before that to play and get ready for my wedding.

Q. Are you slowing down because of the wrist or because you want to play fewer tournaments?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: Well, I slow down first because I need it for my wrist, and second because I think I was playing many matches the years before. I wanted to make sure that I have better preparation for the Grand Slams and to be able to try to win those.

Q. Describe for me, you hadn't played her before?


Q. Going into this match, did you have any sense of nervousness? Can you describe generally how the match went for you?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: It's always different when you play a player that you never play before. When you play ones you know how to play. I expect that, you know, she's hitting a lot of balls back. She likes to come in when she have a chance. She can mix it up a lot, her game. I was very concentrated. I think I play very consistent at the beginning. Then, you know, at the end I might get a little, you know, relaxed. It was kind of hard to finish it up. I mix her around. I try to come in as much as I can, and it worked. But she did play pretty well, I think.

Q. Being a past champion, you've reached the quarterfinals a bunch of times, semifinalist, finalist. What is it about the US Open that seems to bring out great play in you?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: I think I like the tournament. I mean, the surface is going along very well with my game. I get adapted really well with the wind. It's kind of hard to play, every court you play is different. I love the atmosphere. I like the tournament a lot. I always kind of like enjoyed New York a lot. Even I play always well, so it's even better when you come to a place where you feel comfortable, feel a little bit like home. Hopefully, I continue to do as well.

Q. Do you feel confident about your chances, feel good about your game?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: I feel good. I think every match is going to get better. I'm looking forward to continue improving, try to do my best.

Q. How do you prepare for the US Open? Is it different than the other Slams? Do you take a different approach?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: Well, I normally don't play a tournament before the Grand Slam. I always done that, you know. I have a week to practice and get ready for the Grand Slam. I done it the same here. This is the last Grand Slam of the year, so you want to do well. I have very good preparation. I play two tournaments on hard court before. I done really well. Playing as much matches as you can to get here, you know, in your best form. In two weeks' period, a lot of things can happen. You just want to be playing your best.

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