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September 5, 1999

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. Is this the toughest you've played Martina that you can remember?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: No, not really. We have harder matches. We also have a tough match in Philadelphia, when we play three sets. And then we play other matches. If you see the statistics, every match has been different. But, obviously, today, I think I play a very good match, and I know I have to be, you know, much more aggressive and it work pretty well. And, you know, I make some errors, too, but at least, you know, I force her to be more close. And definitely, you know, you don't have many chances when you play the No. 1 player in the world. And I think I have one really clear, maybe the second set when I broke her at 3-2; and if I were to take that, things would have changed. But I definitely think that I hang in there really well, and as matter of fact, it was few shots that she was probably more like than myself. But, you know, I give her a hard time. I'm happy the way, you know, the way I play. But definitely, I was looking forward to, you know, beat her a first time.

Q. Did you come in with a specific game plan today? Did you say to yourself: "This is what I'm going to do today different than all the other 13 times I've played her"?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: Well, each match, as I say, is different. I know what I done in the past matches. And when I have her, the matches that I was close, that's what I done. You have to be aggressive. You have to go for it. That's what I did, you know, and I think I handle, you know, really well. And some shots, you know, just went wide for her. When she needs to, she plays to -- on the lines when she needs to. And that was the only difference. I'm going to try, you know, everything, and definitely it was great and it was kind of close. But it went her way again.

Q. Do you think any of the stuff that happened in Paris or Wimbledon affected her at all psychologically? Can you tell if her confidence is shaken at all, or does she seem to be the same Martina you remember playing?

ARANTXA SANCHEZ-VICARIO: Well, I mean,I play her at the French Open and before the thing that happened, and then I play her, you know, two weeks before I came here. So I really don't think I'm the person who can say, you know, if big difference or not. I just think that I just try to, you know, play my matches and don't even look what the others are doing. Trying to be, you know, always playing good and, you know, win. That's all.

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