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December 7, 2017

Kelsey MacDonald

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. What's going right for you this week?
KELSEY MacDONALD: Well, I have one of my best friends on the bag, Katy McNicoll. She's a PGA assistant at Gullane. I'm really happy she's here this week. She's a good influence on me. Keeps me calm and in the moment. I'm glad she's on the bag this week.

Q. Big week for you, because I know you're desperate to keep your card on Tour.
KELSEY MacDONALD: Yeah, I've not had the best of seasons. Hard to get a bit of momentum. But I knew coming into this week, I love the course here. I've got good vibes from the last few years. So I went in with a lot of confidence and positivity. I just need to press on and enjoy my weekend here.

Q. People always think about the glamour side of golf, like Lexi Thompson, Tiger Woods, but for most golfers, it's about making enough money to have a good career, and for you, it's very important to go out and have a good career.
KELSEY MacDONALD: Yeah, it's been a really stop/start season, and it's been hard to compete with the girls in the States that are playing week-in, week-out. So it's just kind of grinding it out and hope that next year we get some more events and continue to get a stronger field.

Q. Any other details about your round?
KELSEY MacDONALD: The thing is for me, is that I've never really had the cameras, so I was quick on quite a few shots. The shots that they probably are going to show are going to be terrible.

Q. It's a new experience for you to be in contention.
KELSEY MacDONALD: Yeah, because there was a lot of cameras on me, kind of entering my like, zone, personal space, and the way I hit the shot. I'm very quick, so I kind of got a little distracted at times and maybe hit some poor shots today that I wouldn't have previously.

But I've got to just learn from that and if I'm in contention, it's going to happen a lot. But obviously having Katy on the bag, she just kept me more in the zone and just went through my routine.

Q. You've won national level events before, haven't you?
KELSEY MacDONALD: Yeah, but I think it's the idea of the cameras kind of entering like my vision, but again, that's just something that I have to -- if I'm going to make it at the top, that's going to happen, week-in, week-out. So it's just a learning experience today, as well.

Q. You've been so consistent, yesterday and today, 68, 68, and only two shots off the lead now. You must be doing something right in your game, as well. What's going well?
KELSEY MacDONALD: A bit of everything. I just lost confidence kind of during the year, and again, just having someone on the bag that's just reiterating, you know, my thoughts and going over the same things. It's just putting the confidence back into me. She's a great friend, too, so that obviously helps.

Q. Didn't she used to play on Tour?
KELSEY MacDONALD: She did. She's assistant at Gullane Golf Club and enjoying it there. It's good to have her insight.

Q. Do you think you can have a good weekend?
KELSEY MacDONALD: Yeah, I'm going to enjoy it regardless, and I know that the girls that I'm going to be playing with, they are great girls, anyway, so I'm going to enjoy it.

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