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December 7, 2017

Celina Yuan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 7-under overall, how would you assess your week so far?
CELINA YUAN: Well, I never really expected to play like this. Really, I wasn't striking it very well today, but the score somehow turned out pretty good.

Q. And why did it turn out pretty good? What did go right?
CELINA YUAN: Short game and putting. I holed a lot of putts that I never really hole any other day.

Q. And there was an unusual experience yesterday where unfortunately an animal was injured, but nevertheless nothing to do with you and not your fault at all, and you went on to make a birdie. Hat happened?
CELINA YUAN: Well, I was going to hit my shot, and everything was clear, and then once I began, and I hit my shot, a parrot flew by and I hit it in the air and it passed away.

Q. And you went on to make a birdie?
CELINA YUAN: Yeah, I got my mind off it and focused on my game after that.

Q. Has anything like that ever happened before to you? Must be very unusual.
CELINA YUAN: Somehow these things keep happening to me and it has happened before, once. Again, it was mid-air and I somehow hit it, hit another bird.

Q. When was that?
CELINA YUAN: I think two years ago, I was practicing on the range.

Q. You managed to put that behind you and played very well. You must be extremely happy heading into the weekend.
CELINA YUAN: Yeah, I hope to do just as well the next two days.

Q. Is your dad on the bag?
CELINA YUAN: Yeah, he is.

Q. Is he a golfer?
CELINA YUAN: No, not really. He played a little when I first began, and then quit like a year later.

Q. Where are you based in Australia?

Q. You live there?

Q. Which golf course?
CELINA YUAN: The Australian.

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