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December 7, 2017

Anne Van Dam

Angel Yin

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. (BY ANGEL YIN): Great round today, 7-under. How do you feel? How did it go today?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, I felt great. I had a good group today again. I played with the loving angel I didn't know and Brittany Lincicome. We had a lot of fun today and I played really didn't, and that helps.

Q. (BY ANGEL YIN): That's good. That's good. Had some monster drives out there with some irons, monster irons out there. How did you feel about your game overall?
ANNE VAN DAM: I would say pretty good. I struggled a little bit on some holes. Missed a few fairways and hit a couple of poor irons.

But overall, I feel like on the easier holes or easier greens, yeah, I hit it close and got my birdies from there.

So sometimes I took it a little bit safe and not hit driver like you on every hole, I sometimes hit a 3-iron or a 3-wood. But yeah, I guess it worked for me today.

Q. (BY ANGEL YIN): You made some amazing putts throughout the round today. Tell me a little bit about that.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, it's actually quite funny, because I haven't been putting great at all like the last half year. I changed putters two days ago. I didn't practice that much with it.

I completely got something else, normally I have face-balance, and now I have toe hang. It's a blade. Normally I have a mallet. So everything is different. But I look the look of it and it's going well, so maybe that's the change this week.

Q. (BY ANGEL YIN): I'm sorry, but if you don't mind me asking, why did you switch putters? What happened to the other one?
ANNE VAN DAM: Well, my putter from last week just needed a break. I didn't putt well as Q-School, so I was a little disappointed with that putter. So yeah, he couldn't come this week.

Q. (BY ANGEL YIN): What are you expecting for the next two days? What are you looking forward to?
ANNE VAN DAM: Unfortunately I'm not playing with you. Maybe on Sunday we can play together. I would love that.

No, I'm just looking forward to go out there again and play two more days. Like it's the two last days of this season, and I hope to just finish up great and hit some more monster drives, hole a few more putts with my new putter and should be great.

Q. (BY ANGEL YIN): Thank you. Good luck in the next two days and see you here again.
ANGEL YIN: Yesterday was so bad. I was going to cry. I was going to bring her tissues. I was almost going to use the tissues myself. Today was better. I think she let me off a little easier.

Yeah, she's hitting it really far right now. I'm impressed?

ANNE VAN DAM: Just now.

ANGEL YIN: Just now. Like last year, played with her, I was like, all that six feet height wasted, and this year was like, oh, I'm impressed.

Q. Are you hitting it longer than Angel and Brittany?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, by miles.

ANGEL YIN: And yesterday on 18, she hooked it around the trees and she had an 8-iron in on the par 5.

Q. Is that the longest drive you've hit so far?
ANNE VAN DAM: Probably, yeah, because the hole, it's like 470 metres, so it's like 320 or something.

ANGEL YIN: My excuse is that I broke my driver before I came here. It's a new thing and I need to warm it up, break it in.

ANNE VAN DAM: Irons? Or like 2-iron.

ANGEL YIN: I was impressed.

ANNE VAN DAM: But it was good. Like we all hit it long, so that's nice.

Q. You all seem to be getting on.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, it helps. We had a lot of fun out there today, and yesterday, as well. We were all playing well. We were all under par for two rounds in a row, and yeah, we all hit it long, so that helps. That helps with the game. All play aggressive.

Q. What's your longest-ever drive?
ANNE VAN DAM: Probably that one on 18. 320 metres, that's like 370 yards or something.

ANGEL YIN: It's close to 400.

ANNE VAN DAM: No, no, that's 360. I think it's like 370.

ANGEL YIN: That's pretty freaking long.

Q. What's your longest ever?
ANGEL YIN: I don't know longest ever, but I would say consistently longest was Solheim week.

Q. Are you two now best friends?
ANGEL YIN: Why not.

ANNE VAN DAM: She's a bit tiny. It's fun. We should play together more often.

ANGEL YIN: We should play together more often.

Q. How tall are we saying?
ANGEL YIN: 5'11, six feet, six feet and a half.

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