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December 6, 2017

Celina Yuan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. What was working for you?
CELINA YUAN: I think my putting was pretty decent today compared to my other rounds. Iron play, I only missed three greens, which is okay. Yeah, that's about it.

Q. Do you know your stats, like how many putts and stuff like that?
CELINA YUAN: I don't know exact number of putts.

Q. It's the first time you've played this golf course?
CELINA YUAN: Yeah, I didn't have a practice round. I flew in from Q-School where I played very badly, and I guess I just learned from my mistakes in that tournament and tried to get it right in this one.

Q. So you're only 17, right?
CELINA YUAN: 18. Nearly 19.

Q. How has the year been going? You haven't played that many events but have you been playing elsewhere or just on the LET?
CELINA YUAN: I've played a couple China tour events. I've got a half-card there. And I played a couple on the LET which didn't go so well for me this year.

Q. Yeah, why has it suddenly clicked for you here?
CELINA YUAN: I think hard work and a lot more experience.

Q. Any goals this week, like you could win here?
CELINA YUAN: Goals, I just want to play the best I can. I'm not too worried about what number I'm at. Just go as low as possible.

Q. Were you going to go back to Q-School or not?
CELINA YUAN: No, I won't be. I'll most likely be playing on Symetra. I got into the final stage and that pretty much guarantees you in Symetra full status.

Q. So you're planning to make in America next year?

Q. What about your heritage, is it Chinese?
CELINA YUAN: Yeah, Chinese.

Q. So that's why you like playing in China, as well? Do you speak Chinese?
CELINA YUAN: I can speak a little Chinese so I can get around there.

Q. Mandarin?
CELINA YUAN: Mandarin yeah. Not great but I can get by.

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