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December 5, 2017

Camille Chevalier

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. What are your general impressions of this city, do you buy, and the course and the tournament in general?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: I think this is a very impressive site because of the view from the golf course. It's the first time ever I come here, and it's very impressive to see all the buildings around and stuff. It just looks like a movie, a movie setting kind of, moving scenery around. It doesn't look like real -- it doesn't look like the real setting, if that makes sense. So I think it's really cool.

I think the course -- I like the course. It's very beautiful. The greens, are quite different from what I thought. They are very grainy. I didn't think they were going to be that grainy. They were not that fast when I played the practice round but I think they are going to be faster, so that's cool.

And I'm very excited to play because it looks like the organization is so cool, and there are so many good players. I'm super excited.

Q. What is the Dubai Classic like? Do you think the atmosphere is different because it's the end of the year?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Not really. Because we don't have a Race to Dubai and I think we should, and so it's just the last tournament. I think we need a Race to Dubai.

Q. Do you need more motivation?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: I'm very motivated. It's a very big tournament and there are good players, and I want to figure well in the tournament, so it's cool, but still, I think since it's the last tournament, we should have something special here.

Q. Like what, a bonus?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: I don't know, maybe it should be a match-play tournament. But maybe we need, I don't know, more tournaments during the year for that, but maybe next year.

But I think if we have more tournaments during the year, we will have -- we will be able to have a Race to Dubai. So it would be so cool.

Q. So what's been your high and your low this year? Is the high point maybe winning in India?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Yes, it was awesome. It was very exciting. All my friends were there. It was awesome to share the victory with them.

The low point was at the beginning of the season because it was a very different world for me from just amateur golf. It was quite hard to adjust at first since we started with a very big tournament in Morocco, which was very impressive for me and all the good players and hard course and stuff. I guess I got used to it, so it's cool.

Q. Do you have any brothers or sisters that play golf?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Yes, my brother.

Q. Is he on the Alps Tour?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: No, he's going to play for Memphis. He committed with Memphis a month ago. He's going to be a junior because he went to school in France for two years. He's going to transfer and be a junior in Memphis in August.

Q. How old is he?

Q. What's his name?

Q. Ambitions, what do you plan to do after this tournament?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Have occasion, hang out with my family, go ski in the Alps, if there's snow. And then after I rest and after I have a super fun vacation, then I'm going to practice very hard and get ready for the next season.

Q. What's your New Year's resolution?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: I don't have any because I don't like New Year's resolution. I think no one really respects the resolutions. I'm just going to do my best in 2018 and give everything I have on every shot just like I tried to do this season.

Q. So about the rookie season, how do you feel about the year in general? Are you happy? You must be.
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Yes, I learnt so much from this year. I still need to learn a lot. I can still learn so much, but this year, I've learned a lot from the courses, the people, and just myself and my golf. So I'm very excited for the next few years because I think I'm going to improve and it's going to be awesome.

Q. So do you have an ambition for this tournament? Would it be good to win again, the last event?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Yes, of course, it would be awesome. If not, I'm just going to do Top-10. I came here to win. If you don't come to a tournament to win, then why do you come.

Q. And if you win the Rookie of the Year, what will that mean to you?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: It would be awesome because it would mean that I just managed to give everything I have this season. It was my goal. So I'm very excited.

Also means that I improved from when I first got here, because I decided to go pro last year. Before that, I really didn't want to go pro. I wanted to create a company and go work in business.

Q. What kind of company?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: A start-up innovation.

Q. In what type?

Q. What did you study?
CAMILLE CHEVALIER: Business. So that's why, I mean, it would be awesome because it was my goal at first, and I set up new goals at the beginning of the year, so it means that I just managed to reached my goal, so it's great.

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