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December 5, 2017

Jenny Haglund

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Jenny, how are you feeling after a long trip from the States?
JENNY HAGLUND: Very tired.

Q. You said you haven't had a chance to play this course yet.

Q. Have you been to Dubai before?
JENNY HAGLUND: No, only Abu Dhabi.

Q. So do you like the city from what you've seen so far?
JENNY HAGLUND: I haven't seen anything except outside the window of the hotel.

Q. How are you feeling about this tournament? Do you think you can still do well here, considering you haven't had a chance to do a practice round?
JENNY HAGLUND: I mean, I don't really have any expectations right now. I'm just going to try to get some rest tonight and hopefully be fresh and ready to go tomorrow. See how it goes.

Q. How did you think it would go for you in general?
JENNY HAGLUND: Overall it's been a good year. Some ups and downs, but still some good golf, also, so yeah, it's been pretty good.

Q. Do you think that this is a special tournament, being it's a season-ender? It's difficult because basically you are in the running for Rookie of the Year, so you're second behind Camille, but I think you need a second-place finish here?
JENNY HAGLUND: Yeah, I haven't paid attention to that.

Q. So that would be a mega bonus for you?
JENNY HAGLUND: Yeah, that would definitely be. So I'm going to go out and try to do my best.

Q. Did you come straight here from the airport?
JENNY HAGLUND: No, I went to the hotel for two hours and slept a little bit, but it didn't really help.

Q. And how long was the flight?
JENNY HAGLUND: It got delayed, so it was very long. I don't even know. I haven't counted.

Q. Is that your caddie, the Swedish --
JENNY HAGLUND: It's just the Swedish national team coach that was here, and also my mental coach is here this week. So they come out to start an event, so they are here this week, which is nice.

Q. And who is caddying for you?
JENNY HAGLUND: The same guy who caddied in Abu Dhabi, like a local caddie.

Q. So no expectations?
JENNY HAGLUND: No, just go out and play and have fun and try to enjoy Dubai.

Q. Where is your caddie from, Abu Dhabi?
JENNY HAGLUND: He just works around here. We did well the last time we were here.

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