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December 5, 2017

Georgia Hall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. So how are you feeling?
GEORGIA HALL: At the moment very tired, but yeah, I'm really happy about Tour School. I'm really happy that I got my TOUR card. It was a strong, stressful week but I can relax now and enjoy Dubai.

Q. So are you physically up to it, playing and winning, after all the travels?
GEORGIA HALL: I hope so. I've played the course a few times. I played well last week. I'm confident, so I'll hopefully improve as the week goes on.

Q. Now that you've qualified for the LPGA, has your motivation changed this week?
GEORGIA HALL: If anything it's made me want to win even more, because I've had kind of the best season I could imagine. It would be just lovely to get kind of a win, especially it's the last tournament of the year.

Q. Did you follow Tiger's performance?
GEORGIA HALL: I did. I thought he done really well and I'm very happy for hip. After my rounds at Tour School last week, I actually watched some holes. It's lovely to see him play again.

Q. Six Top-10s so far this year. What was the key to your success?
GEORGIA HALL: I think mentally, I've become a lot stronger, kind of know who I am on the golf course and off. My swing's been very consistent and my golf's been very consistent this year which has helped.

Q. Hairy is caddying for you again this week?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, he caddied for me at Tour School last week.

Q. So the partnership is working well?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I haven't kicked him off yet.

Q. What's this tournament like to play in? Is it any different because it's the end of the year tournament?
GEORGIA HALL: End of the year, you always want to finish well. Dubai is kind of one of my highlights of the year because you get looked after really well and the golf course is superb. I always look forward to playing this tournament.

Q. Is this one that people want to win?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, definitely, 100 percent. You have some players from the LPGA come over, as well. It's a great week.

Q. What's been your high and low of the year?
GEORGIA HALL: Highlights have definitely been British Open, Solheim Cup and LPGA Tour card. I can't really say I've had a low to be honest. I haven't really had a bad tournament. I don't think there's been any lows.

Q. What plans do you have for Christmas?
GEORGIA HALL: I have six weeks off. Don't touch a golf club. Spend it with my friends and family and just no golf.

Q. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
GEORGIA HALL: Normal ones, really. Lose weight, become Rookie of the Year, win majors, stuff like that.

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