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December 5, 2017

Veronica Zorzi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. You chose this as your last tournament?
VERONICA ZORZI: Yeah, I decided this is my last tournament because I've got a baby that's two years old right now, and also I have a new job. I'm teaching and coaching at a golf club that's just a half an hour from my home at Lake Garda. We work a lot with the tourist people, also, for the members.

I have also the kids's club, so I mean, I have a lot of jobs.

Q. Teaching kids golf?
VERONICA ZORZI: Yeah, we have an academy over there, so I'm involved to teach to the kids. Right now, I have a group between eight and 11 years old. So that's good.

Q. Boys and girls?
VERONICA ZORZI: Yeah, boys and girls.

Q. How many people?
VERONICA ZORZI: Well, the members, we've got 200 members, but we work a lot with the tourists. There is a hotel inside, so it's like a resort.

Q. What's the name?
VERONICA ZORZI: It's Peschiera del Garda.

Q. And why did you decide this tournament, because you like this tournament and you want to play here?
VERONICA ZORZI: Well, I have good memories here, and it was always the last one on the schedule. So I said, okay, next year, you know. The schedule, we don't have -- I was supposed to play more tournaments, of course, this year, but I decided to stop, also.

Q. What's the best memories from your career?
VERONICA ZORZI: When I won the two times The French Open, and then also the World Cup that we played. It was nice to have events that we play on a team because we don't usually play on a team. I remember the European Cup, the World Cup that we played, was a nice memory.

But also here, I finished second in 2008.

Q. To Annika, right?
VERONICA ZORZI: Anja. Anja Monke won probably one or two strokes, something like that.

Yeah, I have many good memories. I enjoy a lot to be on Tour. I've been almost 15 years, because I start in 2001, and then I have a break for two years, and then now I come back.

Q. So your son, Ettore, when was he born?
VERONICA ZORZI: Born 10 of November of 2015.

Q. He keeps you busy?

Q. So now you're looking to inspire the next generation?
VERONICA ZORZI: Yeah, exactly. I'm trying to give all my experience to the young people. Try also to grow up also the golf in Italy because it's still not really, you know, practicing. We don't have many players in Italy.

Q. So what's your dream?
VERONICA ZORZI: Well, for sure, to try to have, maybe train somebody good, maybe good players. We'll see. Start a new job. Of course I would like to have maybe a good player or good players to try to teach what I did, what I learn and everything. That's what I would like.

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