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December 2, 2017

Paul Chryst

T.J. Edwards

Troy Fumagalli

Indianapolis, Indiana

Ohio State - 27, Wisconsin - 21

THE MODERATOR: We'll ask Coach Chryst to make a statement, then go to questions.

COACH CHRYST: Certainly credit and congratulations to Ohio State. It's a good football team. I'm really proud of our team and the way they fought and battled.


Q. What did you expect to see from J.T. (Barrett) given what he went through this week? And did he show you more than maybe you would have thought a quarterback could do under those circumstances?
COACH CHRYST: We expected to see the best that he was and hats off to him, obviously. And heck of a quarterback. And for him to do what he's done, nothing but respect.

Q. What would you like to have seen differently out of your offense today and being able to move the ball a little bit more here?
COACH CHRYST: I would have liked to have seen -- we knew it was a good defense. We would have liked to be more efficient, more productive.

Q. Can you give a general explanation -- I think you had four or five long plays against you, some on pass, some on run, most of them on catch and runs. Was there something in particular in the way you guys were aligned that allowed them after the missed tackles to get free into the clear?
COACH CHRYST: You just said it on those ones, you miss a tackle -- they've got a good offense and they're going to spread you out. And there's times when you've got to make those one-on-one plays. Credit to them. They made the plays.

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